Wednesday, November 30, 2005

dithering on what to do next

I am reconsidering how to finish Cody's quilt. I made my other two nephews flannel quilts with only flannel batting...the quilting was so much easier when I did that. I have not even gone into the fabric room to evaluate possible backs. Instead, I tidied up the loose yarn ends on a baby sweater I knitted recently. It's a gift for Christmas, but, until I see it go over her head...I am anxious about whether it truly fits. Sure looks cute however.

I am dedicated to making charity quilts for the foundation, WrapThemInLove. and it is likely the head of this foundation will be in town on Sunday. My local group is meeting that day to turn in quilts and work on new ones.
I have a container full of finished quilts as well. I need to pull these quilts out-take photos and do my quality control thing. Meaning-I double check for loose threads, the label is filled out completely, and in general it's ready for some child to cuddle with. I also need to pull our log book and be ready for a year to date number this meeting will be the last of the year. We may move locations...where we meet has changed their layout and we are limited in elbow room.

I have really slowed down on my charity quilt production. In view of deaths in my family, this year was crushing-a total of three -two being quite unexpected, and all within three months time. I also changed jobs a few times this year too. My partner had a major health scare.

All of these circumstances have influenced me to shift from charity quilting as a main focus to making sure the people I love have a quilt from me That feeling of I will get around to making a family member a quilt someday just shifted to top gear of now is the time.

So, after Cody's quilt, my brother's is next- which actually turns into two...a 49er football wall hanging from his way too small tee shirts that he adores and something suitable for the bedroom where his wife does not want a football themed quilt. Of course, she may not want a bed quilt at all. She has been decorating their new home and it's hard to know if she would welcome a quilt.

A dear friend is having a baby-the shower is in January-I have been thinking about what to make for her.

I have a cousin I also would like to make a couch throw for- as he and I are pretty close and live not too far from each other.

Then there is a quilt for me. I have flannel earmarked for me, in colors I love. So, I may not acheive my goal of using up all my flannel literally by year's end-but, I certainly have made a dent in it. I won't stop working on that goal far I have made three bed sized quilts and three large twin sized quilts. I wish I could see that reflected in the amount still hogging space on the shelves in the fabric room.

It's a busy day ahead at work...early arrival, hopefully early departure day. This week through Saturday is my time frame for getting Cody's quilt totally done...I had better find the energy tonight to dive in on that next step.

Oh to be able to stay home and be a total quilting diva!


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