Sunday, May 24, 2015

April and May combined

Thanks to my friend Claire, I realized I never took a photo of her second donation top that I quilted up and now will be sending to Wraptheminlove- the charity group noted on my sidebar.

without further it is:
I have been busy working on my small quilt group round robin pass along blocks.  Our hostess of our group is not playing so she shuffles our pizza boxes and assigns them on to the next person.  I love the randomness of this approach.  Our group is a wonderful mix of experienced quilters and newer quilters.  Same with age, we cover a wide range of age and experience and of course, preferences in what we like in terms of fabrics, patterns, styles, type of piecing, well you get the idea.

The first one I received had a fat quarter mixture and a variation of a traditional block.  I went to my copy of Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced quilt patterns book, looked up blocks I thought would complement the starter block and made my block using some of the fabric from the box and adding in some of my own fabric.  I confess I used this challenge to do a little, ok, a lot of stash enhancement to work with this round robin  block challenge.  I threw some of what I used in with my block and was happy to pass it on.  Our only rule is you must attach what you create to what you receive.
Each person had the option of including a notebook with their inspiration and/or thoughts on what to do with the block they chose to use for the round robin challenge.  So far what they have written has been terrific in guiding me to have a fair sense of what they like.  We have two months between swapping boxes, a decent amount of time to work in.  I usually start as soon as I can after receiving my box.  I know how life can get hectic for myself and my habit of thinking I can do something faster than it turns out in "real life".  I will admit the second one was a snap to know what I wanted to do for it.  The owner gave great color preferences, both in what she liked and did not like.  I am starting today as what I want to make involves a lot of different pieces to come together.  I bought a very slight amount of fabric, two fat quarters to add in either color or texture I lacked in my stash.

I am taking photos of what I am making for each , but, of course can not show them here.    I am saving them to a folder and at the end can do a summary or some sort of collage of them.

Having Monday off is so wonderful!
 Yesterday was consumed with errands and finally revamping my ironing board and the big board I use over it so they work better together.
 I finally replaced the bleeding cover on the big board with new fabric...instead of throwing a piece of muslin over it and making do.  I don't know why I will put off simple fixes that make quilting so much easier, other than I had to put the big board into my car and drive out to the shop to have it recovered.  I had neither the muscle nor the tools to do it myself.  Luckily they were kind enough to do it right away and I only had to pay for the new fabric.  A very short wait and the job was done.

Today I am happy to spend time here updating and sharing at least one photo of another ufo finish.
I now have credit of 3 finishes out of the 14 on my list that we are doing at our guild as a challenge.
I already showed the other donation quilt finish and the Indian Summer quilt finish too.

As I can not share the block or blocks I will be making for this current round robin, I hope to quilt up a charity top given to me at the last guild meeting from the gal that is in charge of our guild charity donations and then upload that photo here.
I used to do a lot of free motion quilting years ago and have allowed that skill to really get rusty.  If this new charity quilt is not too huge, I may work on my free motion quilting on it.  First I need to pin baste it together.

Ok..update done for now!   No promises on the next post...however I am happy to be back at my sewing machine and quilting groove!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

March and April finishes

I finished the baby donation quilt in March-the top came from my friend Claire to be finished up and donated to Wraptheminlove-link on my sidebar.
The autumn quilt finally got bound and that took into mid-April to get the binding finished.  There is a leftover block from the top, which I turned into a label, stitched on the back by hand as well.

  My quilt holder had a challenge holding it up for it's photo, this was the best I could do with my photo editor.  It came out looking so wonderful after being washed! It is happily on the bed being enjoyed.

Once I post this, I am turning on the machine to start quilting donation top number 2, also from Claire.

I went fabric shopping with friends today and found the perfect backing/binding for my table runner also from my ufo list.  I need to remember how to put up my list on the sidebar of my ufos.  I am very rusty in my blogging skills!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

February flew by!

I always think I will find more time to post here, and then ! whoosh!  it's another month gone by.
I just realized the Liberated Quilter's Ring is gone.  Of course, I had not saved all those blog addresses.  How sad.  I know many quilters do not do blogs anymore and it makes me feel sad too.

So I took it down from my sidebar.  It's an end of an era all right...I will have to do more updates as well.  I seem to have less time to devote to my love of quilting and so..I find less to post here.

We are going on vacation at the end of this week.  But, Thursday night I am getting back a quilt I gave to a longarm quilter to do.  Yes, it is the recent top I showed.  I still need to make binding and of course stitch that on.  I also have begun a new round robin with my current guild quilt group.  It's going to be so much fun but I can't post any photos here- can not give away the surprise until we finish which will be in a year.
I am working on boring paperwork and dragging my feet to take a photo and post it of the recent donation quilt I finished the quilting on.  I am going to wait until I finish the second one and then post both of them.
Meanwhile, I will now have to track down all my favorite bloggers who were on the Liberated Ring and get up to date with them.
It makes sense why now I get so few people stopping by.   No more ring hopping!

I am not going to give up on my blog however.  I may not post often...but I will post soon.