Wednesday, November 30, 2005

fabric decision made

I made myself walk into the fabric room and pulled the only possible blue flannel that would work-hearts....but then, I could not bring myself to use it on Cody's quilt. Instead I am going to use up both the print leftovers and two of the blues I used. More work to stitch these secti0ns together, but, much more satisfying to use up more of that fabric and better suited to the front.

I think I am going to skip using batting-double flannel makes a nice enough weight for a year round quilt. Of course now I am hoping for a snow day-which would mean no work and a free day at home to quilt. It could happen tomorrow. I am going to sleep dreaming, let it snow!
With any luck, I will wake up to nothing but white outside.
I can feel that quilting energy building....

ok, off to dream about the white stuff...


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