Thursday, December 01, 2005

why is it?

I would have so enjoyed a day home quilting- but, that snow did not hit us. drats. It was a birthday celebration when I got home..not mine, but my partner's. So, forget the quilting and focus on enjoying the other parts of a good life.

As much as I enjoy quilting...I like it better when I listen to music while doing it...especially the quilting part. I really rock out and can quilt into the night with my headphones and now my ipod in my pocket. Now if I could figure out how to do my work out and quilt at the same time..wouldn't that be the best combination?

Life is gonna kick into high gear tomorrow night and quilting time is really going to be squeezed in wherever I can fit it...but with this top up on the design wall...I keep wanting to get it to the quilting I will make it happen.

Why is it that what you love the most to do can often be the last thing you can find time for?


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