Saturday, June 13, 2015

June check in-progress on second round robin

I just finished a week of staying at a friends home dog sitting while she was out of town on a business trip.  It is simply amazing how much time it takes to care for two small dogs and one aloof cat!  Of course, in addition to working my usual 8 to 9 hour day job.  Let's just say, I am thrilled to be back home in my own bed!

I have two friends coming over tomorrow to sew/quilt with.  As they are part of my small group, I can show off the current blocks I am making on the second round I received.  In fact, I should be able to finish the last block today.  As I mentioned, I only bought two fat quarters to help with this round.  Unbelievable as it is , I ran out of that fabric!  So, last Sunday the shop where I had bought said fabric was open at noon and off I went.  I bought two yards!  It turns out to be a really nice textual background fabric in one of my favorite colors.  So, now I can finish that last block and be ready to audition how to fit it together with what was passed to me.  The truly creative part!

Last Saturday I was able to go back to my local quilt shop with large tables and pin what turned out to be a huge donation quilt.  Even with two tables, some hung over the side.  So, I will be doing straight line quilting on it.  I am not willing to spend a huge amount of time free motion quilting and wrangling it through my standard size domestic machine.  I hope to make progress today on that quilt.
Tomorrow I will be sitting at the kitchen table with my two friends so we can all stitch together.
My featherweight machine will be perfect to use and I have string blocks to make.  That means I need to cut foundation squares today.  And, pull out the string scrap container.

While I was away from home a book I ordered arrived.  I started reading it this morning with my coffee and it is totally engaging.  Once I am done, I will share my review of it.  All I can say is if you are a Gwen Marston fan and a scrap quilter, you too will love this book.

Time to have breakfast and get this day going!
Enjoy your day! 


At 8:59 AM, Blogger Silverthimble said...

I can hardly wait to hear about that Gwen Marston book. I am a big Gwen fan, as you know. 😀


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