Sunday, October 04, 2015

where does the time go?

No photos and not much about quilting..if that is what you want to read...come back next time.

Wish I could say I have been doing fun and fabulous things, keeping me from posting here.  Nope.  Well, we did go to the Sisters Folk Music weekend and I have spent many weekends with quilting friends doing quilty stuff.  Overall, most of my time has been spent on my day job.  Unless you are in love with numbers, spreadsheets, and spending endless time on the computer playing with making numbers add up to match totals to match bank information..right...see?  you are already falling asleep!
Now, I happen to love doing this boring stuff.  Which is why it is the perfect day job for me.  Due to many things way beyond my influence/control...the time  balance between number crunching at the office and time doing the rest of my life has not been in favor of a personal life.

I do know that I am not a machine that can spend endless hours at the computer and not wear myself out.

So...invoking the tried and true BALANCE rule.  Because, while work will never end...there will always be a flood of numbers to deal with...the rest of my life needs just as much, if not more of my attention.

I belong to a fabulous book group.  We met yesterday afternoon and as always had a lively conversation and I left feeling lifted by being there.  I drove straight to my favorite and nearby book store, Powells and found not only the one and only copy of the next book we chose to read, but a few others that were mentioned as well worth reading.  If you love to read and enjoy reading a wide selection of genres the book we chose is, I am the word, by Paul Selig.  It is a channeled text.  

Ok, so...something about really that is my favorite creative expression...I have the machine turned on to sew together binding strips, the quilted string quilt waits.  Today, I am not going into the office until my personal life gets a lot of my time.  So..maybe I won't go in..but probably will.  I have 12 days! until my sister arrives and I am on vacation.
the list of to-do's is massive.  Some of the list will have help from my sweetheart...but mostly I have stuff only I can do.  What has NOT helped ...I have been ill for the last two sick pay, so struggling to get through a work day and sleep/rest recover has been all I could manage.  This weekend I am clearly much, much better and so...without over doing it, I am tackling the must do with the love to do items.  Balance right??

Part of that is posting guilt about blathering -just doing a check in post and sharing I am still around, still in love with playing with fabric and wish the cleaning fairy would stop by.

time to switch over the laundry, make the bed with cleans sheets (which make me so happy!) and in general got on to the next list item...the sewing machine is waiting and if nothing else, binding will get made.

Do come back as there will be a photo of the finished quilt.  really.  after all, it's on my list !


At 8:09 AM, Blogger swooze said...

Good to hear from you. Enjoy your vacation time.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

Glad that you are finding the book club to be a fun and meaningful part of your life in addition to the creative you. I know you are going to enjoy your time with your sister---that's a given! We all need something to look forward to, right? Sometimes that is what gets you through the harder parts in life.


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