Thursday, October 31, 2019

It has been years since I was active on this blog.  A major software change at my day job put a huge detour in my creative life.  Family issues have happened and life in general just filled up with life minus quilting or blogging.

I still  miss so many bloggers when our blog ring ended. 

Life changes and I am gradually getting back to having quilting and I hope blogging as well.

I am close to retirement!   A few more years and I am very much looking forward to a life filled with doing all my favorite things!

So, leave a comment reminding me of your blog url and I will rebuild my list of quilting bloggers that I have been out of touch reading.  And, I know many may have gone from blogging to other ways of communicating. 

Hope to hear from anyone out there!

have a joyful life, Cher


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