Thursday, October 31, 2019

It has been years since I was active on this blog.  A major software change at my day job put a huge detour in my creative life.  Family issues have happened and life in general just filled up with life minus quilting or blogging.

I still  miss so many bloggers when our blog ring ended. 

Life changes and I am gradually getting back to having quilting and I hope blogging as well.

I am close to retirement!   A few more years and I am very much looking forward to a life filled with doing all my favorite things!

So, leave a comment reminding me of your blog url and I will rebuild my list of quilting bloggers that I have been out of touch reading.  And, I know many may have gone from blogging to other ways of communicating. 

Hope to hear from anyone out there!

have a joyful life, Cher

Monday, November 02, 2015

quilting again

I have been quilting on a more regular basis.  I also had my first spam comment.  sheesh.  I removed it and reported the problem.  I may have to add stronger screening of comments, but, as I do not have a lot of traffic leaving comments, I will hope it does not become a recurring issue.

I have a new laptop computer and still in the learning curve.  I have enjoyed a week of vacation with my sister visiting and it was great fun.

The day job continues to have a mountain of backlog to contend with and I am still training my co-worker who has taken a part of my workload.  Like any mountain, I am taking it one chunk at a time.  It would be nice if time stopped and I actually had a hope of catching up.  As that is never going to be the case, I am embracing do what I can in the time I am allowed (ie, no more overtime) and let the bosses worry about what is not getting accomplished.

I had planned to submit an entry into QuiltCon this year, but, alas I did not read the size requirement for smallest entry and restrictions on the Michael Miller challenge category I had received fabric to use to make my quilt with.  I have to say, I never felt the directions and information that went with that challenge satisfied my questions.  I probably should have found a contact person within The Modern Quilt Guild and been more direct with my questions.  So, all that said, I will find a way to use the fabric sent in one of my charity quilts.

Fabric in my stash never goes to waste!   It all ends up in a quilt at some point or passed along to someone else who will put it to good use.

Once the current top I am working on is done I will share a photo.  It needs one more row ...and I have run out of weekend for now.

back to the work mines today!   

Monday, October 19, 2015

on vacation

My sister arrived a few days ago.  I had a list of things I wanted her to help me with and so far one huge item has been crossed off that list.  We went jigsaw puzzle shopping and found two that we are excited to do. The one thousand piece has all the pieces out on trays and the frame is together.  A strong start.

I have been sleepless in the middle of the night lately and turned to reading emails and surfing the net.

Which then inspired me to come here and write a post.

Along with relaxing with my sister I also want to make some progress on a new quilt top inspired by a pattern from a favorite friend and challenge fabric sent to those of us that agreed within our charity group to use it for making a top to send in to WrapThemInLove headquarters.

I know another dear friend has also been having sleep issues and found it a good time to get some sewing done herself.

So, that posted, I am off the computer and into the sewing room to make good on being productive while I am not sleepy and instead of tossing and turning, pressing and cutting with hopefully wear me out and I will have something to show for not being able to sleep.  And, I can sleep in as I am on vacation!!!  woo hoo.