Monday, December 12, 2005

backing done

No quilting for a while due to a flu bug and then being at the beach for the weekend. It was nice to have a break. I am just dealing with a stuffy nose so tonight I finished up the backing. I am pleased to have this stage done. If I wasn't dealing with kicking this bug and needing to gather my energy for Christmas decorating and related stuff I enjoy doing- I would kick into marathon mode and sandwich/pin this quilt. Instead, I am going to be good and get to bed at a reasonable hour. I was able to start a new sweater I am knitting for myself over the weekend-Martie's sister is an expert and it is a pattern she shared with me. She is making one for Martie, which she says will be finished in a week. She is really fast. I knit so rarely, I am more in the savoring the experience of knitting than rush to get it done. Doing something without a deadline is a nice change of pace. I have one knitting ufo- a baby sweater for my older son. I came across it and remembered why it did not get done. He came a month early and boy, that really threw my timing and projects off! He is now expecting his first child and I think...I will stitch the pieces together and give it to them if they have a boy. Yes, I made it in blue...guess I was pretty sure I was having a boy back then.

Of course I am going to have to do some hunting to track it down again. I am pretty sure it was all knitted-just needed to be joined together.

I missed my December 10th deadline for finishing this quilt...but, it is still on track to get done.
You have to be flexible when the flu bug bites or other life stuff comes up. Quilting is important...but it is not life or death important.


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