Friday, March 03, 2006

busted by Jeanne

February goals?? well, um, vacation interruptus ...yeah, that's the ticket. Here is my summary-1 of 3 ufos completed. scrap bin got sorted but not emptied. lion sleeps tonight top-still a wip.

March goals- see my side bar- scaled down more to reality...taking two quilt related classes this month- a color theory and a machine quilting - from the same teacher-Helene Knotts. I have other life stuff on my plate too this month. I am half way through making the various letters for the lion sleeps tonight's coming along ...just need to "find" some time again for it.

This morning we went to a local quilt show put on by a church ladies group-they open this show up to all sorts of quilters...I remembered to take my camera and will post photos until I have something of mine ready to post. This show included a whole lot of great antique quilts/textiles.
Our friend Amelia has been taking the AQS certification course on being a quilt appraiser-so she can usually date the fabrics/patterns in these type of quilts-which makes it all the more fun to have her along. I tried to get a few close ups-one of a wonderful crazy quilt-another of a crazy quilt jacket, and various others that caught my interest. Overall this was my kind of show- plenty of variety, a few that made me want to sit down and piece, and a few that though not my taste were so well done-you just had to admire them. Ok- next post following this will feature some photos...and it shouldn't be much of a wait either!


At 8:00 PM, Blogger Finn said...

I think the quilt show outing was just what you needed! There will be plenty of time for all the other stuff...hey, happy! Life is good..*VBS* Hugs, Finn


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