Wednesday, April 29, 2009

thoughts on a wednesday

24 days until my sister arrives. deadlines, goals, countdowns all help me to focus and accomplish those tasks related to them.

M suggested Alice have a sleepover on Saturday -which meant following up on ordering the trundle bed and have it set up for use by that date. We had narrowed the choice between two stores, so Monday I went over and paid for the one we decided would work best.

It will be delivered and set up on Saturday. My plan is to use the "bottom" one -the one that slides under the top twin bed - keeping it lowered to the floor for Alice. She would only have about 8 inches to fall out of bed onto the carpeted floor that way. As she still sleeps in a crib at home, I am sure I will be helping her adjust to sleeping in her new bed by lying down with her as she "falls" asleep. Like it or not, these babies grow up and it continues to amaze me how fast time is zipping by watching Miss Alice Wonderful leave babyhood behind.

Saturday and part of Monday we also worked on emptying out the fabric room - the plan is to clear it out and after the bed is installed, put back what fits. We have stacks of stuff everywhere in the house and some out in half the garage. UGH !!!! Clearly I have been adding to the stash...and not using it up even close enough to break even. And my approach to tackling projects by stacking them in "my way" in the sewing room has not proven effective either. So, I am feeling overwhelmed and somewhat challenged at dealing with the reality of my quilting "stuff".

This is when baby steps and a timer come to the rescue. My favored approach may be the marathon method, but, the reality of actual time available means the baby steps method is the one that will save the day-or rather, my sanity! I have extra time this morning, notwithstanding spending some of it at the computer to have already accomplished putting stuff in the bedroom away, and clearing off some of the stacked stuff on the sewing table.

The oddball Christmas items that never quite made it back to the Christmas storage boxes up in the attic have been rounded up and put away.

Of course as you put one thing away, pick up another few items, and toss out odds and ends it all adds up to order emerging from chaos.

It's been time well spent this morning in making progress towards that goal of clearing stuff up and away-now it's off to an appointment and on to the day job.

Hope your day is filled with joy!



At 9:23 AM, Blogger Michele Bilyeu said...

Isn't it amazing how 'cleaning' always creates far more disorder? A natural part of the evolutionary process of change and upgrade! We have a trundle upstairs in our loft area and a full bed in our guest bedroom and our guests ALWAYS choose the trundle part of the loft set than either the regular twin or the full!!! Go figure! I think it feels very special, in a laying on the floor monk-ish kind of way that creates really good energy for others. I've even had two guests sleep in that one trundle over the other choices...which included raising the trundle and making a double. Go figure!! I can picture your fabric collection...and my heart goes out to you in this process. Mental Health Day!!!!!

At 5:12 AM, Blogger Sweet P said...

Miss Alice in a trundle bed - yup, babies & toddlers do grow up quickly. Have fun with her in the new bed.

At 9:36 AM, Blogger Linda C said...

It sounds like you are making good progress though some chaos to make order. Always part of the process, I guess. Piles of keep, discard, donate going on?

I bet Patty is counting the days too.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger McIrish Annie said...

I'm happy to hear that I am not the only one with "errant" christmas decorations still about in April. I just put away a couple of plates and cups that have been hiding!

Your plan to create order out of chaos with the timer is a good one. I may try that to keep the insanity level to a minimum.

enjoy your family visit

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Hunter said...

I'm just seeing past the point where I keep making more of a mess than I had while I'm destuffing. I'm sure I'll do something today and discover another pile of stuff to go through. LOL.

Sounds like a fun weekend.


At 5:24 AM, Blogger Clare said...

Would you believe that I finally disposed of a piece of tinsel that has been hanging around for months!

Best of luck with the sorting and shifting. Very time consuming, but worth it in the end.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger Rosalyn Manesse said...

Isn't it always the way--you want to accomplish one thing, and you have to do ten other things first! Enjoy the visit.


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