Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a day off and catch up blog time

I may have to break this into two posts...first- the reveal of the latest FAB challenge happened the other night. I walked in the door late evening to a phone message to jump on the computer and be part of the fun. I caught everyone in time and the reveal was wonderful. Each FAB received something made with the challenge fabric..several used a very small amount and not everyone followed the "rules" as I read them- but each challenge was perfect for the person it was given to and we all were delighted. Most of us are posting to our blogs- not sure if Norma had time before packing and flying off on her vacation however.

I took photos as I made Pam's challenge. I have long thought a machine mat would be a terrific quilting item to own and to give. This challenge I decided was a great time to jump in and make one up. Without a pattern but a vision in my head I started in. At the class I recently took someone had a similar mat that they had made. Of course I checked it out and found it more simple than what I wanted to do-however, it had similar parts that I wanted to include.

Here follows the steps of making Pam's challenge.
I drew the letters to get the right size .



At 12:57 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

This turned out so cute! What a great idea for her since you both own featherweights.


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