Monday, December 19, 2005

on to the blue geese

My computer went down Friday night-which was not a problem-I had plenty of non computer and non quilty stuff to do. I finally got it all done and on Sunday afternoon switched computers so I could get back online.
Of course the wind storm knocked out our tv reception on Saturday or maybe it was Sunday-again I am not a big tv watcher but it sure bothered my partner! The repair person can not come until Friday afternoon. I am sure we will survive.

Today work was cancelled- so I made some more progress on the row of blue flying geese blocks-near the end of that row now. I am torn- to keep on it, or take a break and do some cutting of scraps.

I do a ufo challenge as part of an online group of quilters...and I want to have some charity baby quilts started so they will go on that list of 2006 ufos. I need a balance of large and small projects on my list...and the older ufos I have are mostly of the LARGE variety! I do have a few small ones...but as I am also committed to doing at least a dozen charity baby quilts- it would be nice to have more started before year's end. And, I am so tired of this large scrap bin living beside my sewing table. A lot of it is mile a minute scraps when I first got smitten with that concept/pattern. But, then, along came life and I stopped working with those scraps-but, kept tossing more into the bin. argh. I have since sorted that bin-so it's time to do the next step. If I take these scraps and turn them into future charity quilts- I acheive two goals at once. It sounds good.

First I want to finish this row-then I will see what I want to do next- more quilting or cutting. At least tv won't provide a distraction from the important quilty stuff tonight.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger The Calico Cat said...

I am skipping hte UFO group this year... too much else is going on... (But I will continue to work on them!)


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