Tuesday, December 20, 2005

the rest of the quilting design

I am drinking coffee and waking up here. As I share my sewing room with the computer desk- I can either multi-task, or get distracted, depends on your attitude about taking a break from quilting.
I have decided three straight lines down the blue tone on tone strips then probably an elongated X over them.
I want this quilt to be quilted enough to hold up to being washed by a non-quilter and used by an active young man. And, I am going to probably not hand stitch the binding, as looking at the baby quilt I did for him long ago, the binding has taken the worse beating in wear and stitches coming out. I am putting a cotton not flannel binding on this quilt- the one and only flannel binding I did on an all flannel quilt was a work out on my hands/fingers. I have navy fabric that will work well, unless I change my mind-lots to chose from the stash, so that won't be a worry.
Now that I have a plan for the rest of the quilt, I think twenty minutes this am could be used quilting. I am caught up on the computer reading-and posting. Boy am I sorry I have to go to work- I could be done quilting today if not for that.


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