Saturday, June 20, 2009

birthday pie

My son and granddaughter Alice stopped by for birthday pie this morning. The birthday guy said banana cream pie was his favorite and it was enjoyed by all. This pie came from a local Marie Calendars restaurant-and I was happy to not have to make it myself. He opened his gifts and we enjoyed a short but lovely visit.

After they left I finished altering straps on M's sandals - four pairs are now the proper length and much appreciation was given. I used a leather needle on my Bernina and it worked well enough.
A fiddly job but better than paying some shoe repair person, it's my frugal side winning the day.

I did some much needed housework- boring, but oh so nice to see the results. I also washed up some flannel and have it folded away until I decide what to make with it.

The day has flown by and it has rained off and on as well. It was a good day to do inside tasks and take breaks to enjoy reading online or chatting with a friend when I had the chance.

I am doing the last of the paperwork sorting/filing/and writing up directions for the incoming person for my Washington guild recent position I have concluded. I can not believe the stacks I managed to accumulate! My goal is to stick with this tonight until it is a done deed.

With luck, I will wrap up in a few hours and then watch a movie with my sweetie.

I have a few ideas in the quilting realm for tomorrow.

And, next Saturday is Alice's big 3 birthday party. Last count was 15+ children invited and I have volunteered to ride herd , err, I mean help with the adorable little ones. If the weather improves I will be out in the garden..things are sprouting and growing and it's looking very green!

Have a joyful rest of the weekend!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

another Thursday

I have been spending the majority of my non day job time out in the garden. I finally planted the peas the other day as I wanted to use an additive my aunt gave me to help the seeds sprout faster. Meanwhile, many of the other seeds are sprouting and it's looking more like a garden every day. fun!

I still need to weed out around the roses by the front gate and the clay soil dried out enough last week to make it feel like I was trying to hack through cement! We have been having enough moisture lately that it would make the job easier- if I had any time to spend weeding-which I do not as of today.

Tonight I have my guild meeting where I present the proceeds of a very successful result of selling raffle tickets for our opportunity quilt. The winner of the quilt will also be given her quilt, as it is back from being part of the quilt show at Paduach. I still have paperwork to sit down and do before handing over my guild "job" to the new person. I leave from work to drive up for this meeting-no gardening time today/tonight.

Tomorrow- I am leaving from work for Mt. Vernon, WA. I am joining my friend Ellen as we sew together during a quilt in for the Wraptheminlove charity quilt foundation. My kind of retreat!
I am taking up two current quilts I have close to being done to work on and then will do whatever needs doing to help out there-as it is headquarters for the foundation and the final stop before the quilts head out around the world. I hear there is a stack of quilts waiting for labels-for example. There is always binding to be done as well. Whatever I need to do, is fine with me. The company will be terrific as her mom will also be with us.

I am taking my sleeping bag and will camp out there as well. I expect to be home by supper time on Sunday.

You know those weeds will still be there waiting! as well as other chores...but I could not resist going off to play and quilt for the charity that is dearest to my heart and the one I most support.

My computer time will most likely be just posting to the charity blog as we have invited fellow quilters to sew along with us.

We also have a yahoo group, I am one of the moderators-let me know if you are ever interested in joining that group. It's a private group which keeps out the spammers .

ok! off to the day job and on with a joy filled day- fill yours with joy too.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

vacation stuff

I have been on the go during my sister's visit with us and then back to work life has been even busier. I am spending far less time at the computer and much more time outside when it is not 91 degrees! It was our high yesterday and oh my-trying to keep hydrated and keep plants watered even with a sprinkler system has been challenging. Oregon late spring is so often exactly like this, rain and coolness then like flipping a switch, we are in the high temperature numbers. It goes from don't plant we still may have a freeze to oh no...hurry and plant and beat the heat.

anyway-I am finally uploading a few vacation fun photos. a photo of my sister and myself. a photo of her modeling my sewing efforts-my version of "wrist warmers" inspired by the local Saturday Market where we saw some truly fabulous works of art ones and butterfly pants like Alices-in Patty size.

When we were visiting Alice I was told her favorite pants are now the butterfly ones I made-months ago. Patty spoke right up wanting a pair too. I actually had a pattern for jammie pants that worked out great. M got a pair too in a different flannel fabric-all from stash.

Stash is good for stuff other than quilts!

And last of all, Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach where my sister and I spent the night on our own-a special time together just the two of us.

Next post I will get back to other stuff going on...but not much in the quilting mode.

I am having issues getting these photos where I wish...oh to dash off and get ready for the day job.
Enjoy your day!