Thursday, December 31, 2009

the year that wasn't

2009- I chose the word "balance" as my word of the year. It's the last day of the year and I have to say it just wasn't much of the year I envisoned.

The spring was filled with quilt shows and gardening and lots of great energy despite breaking a hand.

The summer highlight was the Sisters week of classes and enjoying the quilt show.

Late summer was the FABS retreat held at my home and a totally delightful time.

By autumn I was running out of energy...I pretty much stopped quilting, reading blogs, and didn't even note my blog anniversary in November (4 years).

I did go back to my doctor for a problem(s) that has been ongoing for a year or so.

Now that has really sidetracked me from doing many things. I was handed on to a specialist and having gone through various tests etc, I won't hear anything until January 5th.

I am on a new medication that basically makes me want to sleep about 12 hours a day...of course I don't actually sleep that much, but I sure feel in a fog much of the time. I have very little energy and beyond working my job and doing the basics required..I am reading and doing low key entertainment.

Very gradually I am working my way back into quilting. I am halfway through a simple cloth napkin project- a gift with no deadline for a family member. An engagement has been announced-so a wedding quilt will be considered in 2010. The FABS challenge is due in February...another creative project that I have given much thought to as well.

An Alice quilt has fabrics pulled and waiting. There are quilt blocks up on the design wall and pieces sitting on the sewing table.

There is plenty around here to do- it's gathering the energy and the doing that is the next step.

I am going to give "balance" another shot in 2010. Though 2009 was balance in action;

2009 taught me the value of slowing down and appreciating that I don't have to do everything-in fact, I can do nothing and it's fine.

As much as I like being busy and productive- reflective time and resting time have their place.

Here's to celebrating the end of 2009 and looking ahead to 2010 !!!

With tomorrow being a day off some time will be spent at my machine, and some time not.

Balance, a little of this and a little of that all adds up to a full life.