Saturday, April 24, 2010

more of day one...sheesh

I don't have the time or energy to figure out why blogger won't allow me to move my photos here is Zoe and the cutting set up to go along with the previous post of my solo day of retreating...concert tonight so will have to leave around 5 pm at the latest...

and lucky me...FAB friends are sewing today to chat online with quilter friends doing what you are doing at the same time.

Have a simply awesome weekend!


back....solo retreat day- today!

Where have I been? fill in from the various items:
1) took Alice to a fun quilt show after spending the night
2) had many doctor appointments and fun MRI's to take
3) work got overwhelmingly busy...
4) a lot of computer game playing
5) more thinking of quilting priorities
6) being on medication sucks
7) exhausted beyond belief...mega doses of vitamin D to the rescue!
8) two hours of gardening accomplished...hired someone to come help
9) one health result: pinched nerves in lower back- one activity for too long,
no surgery required (very good news) and time will heal...uh, patience is wearing thin.
10) without deadlines I seem to become the Queen of getting not much done if anything at all!!!

M is gone this weekend so I declared today a solo quilt retreat day...after my landscape guy canceled our morning work session. Following is the house taken over by a determined quilter.

and Zoe doing her favorite thing...hanging out on the deck enjoying the coming and going of sunshine...wishing it was more coming than going !!

back to sewing on circle blocks...I am not counting how many more I need to sew...I am doing five and then cutting or ironing or right now, posting this.