Sunday, December 12, 2010

last fab fall challenge revealed and ...Alice as a dinosaur...

This is Alice with her first quilt...she arranged the squares, sat on my lap as we sewed..her job was pulling out the pins, before the needle could hit them, and she is very proud of her "doll" quilt as you can see. Then, she came over to trick and treat at our neighborhood...taking her around was simply too much fun- look out!
Alice the dinosaur, roaring!

Then, the purse I made for Norma, a FAB member for our last FAB challenge - fall themed.

I made my first ever bag from a magazine , called the cross over bag..what a learning experience it proved to be. I am planning another one as a Christmas gift to a family member...with a few changes.

And, currently I have a third quilt going on the design wall !!! yes, three on top of each other.
I will share a photo once the latest is completed.
It is a quilt for our Christmas family's six year old little girl...who had asked for a blanket. As I made and sent a quilt for her parents two years ago, I am hoping by blanket she was thinking of that quilt. At any rate, too much fun working with kitty fabric and bright colors...nice to have my quilting spirit high and engaged. And, to end this challenging health filled year, I fell on our iced back yard cement pathway and tore 2 ligaments in my left knee...ouch! Tomorrow I will be fitted with a custom knee brace and hopefully that plus ...yes...more physical therapy my knee will heal without surgery...I will know by the end of January how it does.

Add to my knee challenge, we decided to empty the living room and put in new flooring. On December 24th, I will supervise the movers hauling the big heavy stuff out and around to the garage, get the fridge pulled out so I can clean behind it, and we will not get our living room back until right before the new year.
The sewing room will become very popular ! The two of us plus Zoe our boxer dog will be camping out amusing ourselves until the living room is done...I predict a lot of sewing in my near future LOL.

It's Sunday winding down afternoon - Eli and Alice just left after a fun visit, including pancakes out and visiting the best toy store ever according to Alice. She has been trained to say when she loves something, "add this to my list please"....need I add, it's a very, very long list !!! This year is the first year she is so aware of the gift coming opportunity of Christmas.

Hopefully loading 4 photos at once will work..I just could not do another blog post without photos. I still have not found the cord to my other camera...but...I know it will eventually show we do the big clean up after the new flooring is done.

much joy to all....Cher