Friday, September 21, 2012

back from Texas-photo at bottom of post!

I made the most of my 5 days off visiting my second son, his wife, and their baby son, Max.  As you know, I brought along Max's first quilt and it was a hit with the whole family.  He spent about 30 seconds being shy and then he was all over me!  I have never met a baby that did not love me..glad Max kept my reputation intact!  Our time together flew by and then there came the last day and taking me to the airport with lots of hugs and boy was it hard to leave that cutie pie behind.  ok. all those cutie pies!  Just as Alice was a great combination of both her parents, so is Max of his.  I have to say my boys make gorgeous babies.

Now...getting in at 11 pm at the airport on a Sunday night - was pushing my vacation to the limit.  Five hours of sleep later it was time to rise and shine and get back to the day job.  It is now Friday and I think I am still just a tad bit tired still.  Tuesday my sweetie took off on her usual trek to Utah.  A stop in Baker, OR a very special small town in Eastern Oregon, another night in Boise to hang out with a great friend and watch baseball , then finally arriving in Utah the third night.  Her best friend lives there and most of the time I have known M it's been a yearly event of visiting D in Utah.  I even got to go once.  We hit every quilt shop in Salt Lake City and I brought home a tall ott light and probably 30 yards of fabric, most of it flannel.  I have to admit I did actually use all that flannel up...and it only took me about 7 years.

I am on Zoe duty.  Zoe ,our boxer dog has a heart condition and as she is getting on in years..9 I believe November 30th, has a bit of a leaking problem as well.  Plus, she has become spoiled by having someone home all day to do door know, let the dog out, let the dog in, let the dog out...a very busy dog!

Zoe decided to be my new alarm, starting Wednesday at 4:10 am...when my actual alarm is set for 5.  So, Zoe time is now my time...and we have it worked out in the mornings starting with her wake up call.

 Plus, I was able to increase her leaking medication and this morning, no laundry to do!  I have been doing clean up morning, noon (I come home for lunch to get her out to walk and then feed myself, give her a reward and head back to work) and in the evening when I get home. So two loads of dog laundry Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we were down to one load, and today...I decided one blanket was on the hmmm, yes, just stinky enough to go into the washer, but not actually damp/wet.   Got to love these small steps of reduced doggy work

Last night I cleared the guest bed (also known as Alice's bed) for my dear friend Michele blog link here
She and I are going to Portland OR Quilt Expo tomorrow-Saturday.  She lives just far enough away to make it a drive home in the dark and I suggested a slumber party.  What quilter could resist an invitation to spend the night sleeping in the fabric/stash room?  Yes, the guest room is more commonly known as the fabric room..but there is only one wall of shelving filled with you can imagine how cozy it is for a quilter.
I took a break and uploaded some Max photos...hey...I just may be getting the hang of it all..for now...

here is Max on his quilt 
It's getting late and I still have a few chores to do so I will leave on this note...I can not wait to go back and visit Max and his parents was a 2 thumbs up visit !!!!

Monday, September 03, 2012 promised

I finished Max's quilt this morning-it is now totally ready to be given when I arrive in Texas on Sept. 12th.

I am posting photos and have no idea how they will work out!  I continue to struggle with learning this program and hope they are not too large to goes!

oh my is the front..let's see if I can upload the back...ok...I am going to call this success for now