Sunday, December 16, 2012

my very first quilt-the story...

I was over at Alice's weeks  months ago and noticed all the quilts were strewn about in use as forts, .including her daddy's baby quilt.  I picked it up and noticed the edges were fraying out.  I decided to bring it home and repair it.  Alice's mom is a wonderful hand sewist...but I felt this was a big job and needed my machine skills in addition to my quilting knowledge/fabric stash.

I just completed a secret challenge project and while I wait to hear back about it, I am tackling my mending stack, with this quilt repair being top priority.

I had pulled and made binding for it a while back-all I had to do was press it, and sew it on..but , as you can see...I had made this quilt with a knife edge..and turned the top over double and stitched it down.

After studying the edges, I decided to trim them off -not trying to square it but just to make sure I had intact fabric as some of the fraying was beyond the normal binding width I favor and would not cover the damage.  Also,  my intent is not to remake it, just to repair the edges so it can continue to be used and loved.
After I trimmed the edges and was putting it on the sewing table to start putting on the binding..I went into my usual process of deciding where I want the label to be and it finally dawned on me ...this was actually the first quilt I ever made!

 I made this quilt when my first son was about a year old-we were living in southern Oregon and winter was coming on bitter cold.  The only fabric store available was JC Penneys and I picked fabric (including pre-quilted fabric because the blue birds were so cute for the backing , plus batting so it would be really warm) out to turn the decorated blocks a co-worker had given me into a quilt.
I had no clue about quilting - nor knew anyone who quilted but...I had sewing garment experience and a strong desire to make a quilt and this is what I came up with.  It was bright, cheerful, and warm...I made it with all that first baby mom love energy and here it is...still being used and loved. I never felt it was a "real" quilt as it was not hand quilted. It was 1976 when I made this "quilt"  and today I realize...yes..this quilt needs a document not only it being my first quilt but the wonderful story that inspired it.

And..yes, it actually does qualify as being a "real" quilt...I know that now too.