Saturday, March 16, 2013

Alice at the Zoo and my latest quilt

I tried a new way of uploading my photos, hopefully this will mean showing photos more often, making my blog a bit more fun.
Recently M and I took Alice and her friend,Maslin to the Oregon Zoo and our day was perfect-plenty of sunshine and the baby elephant was out and about romping.

You can see she is still pretty small-Lily is her name and she is quite adorable! And I finally got a better photo of Alice showing off her first missing front she and Maslin had a wonderful time blowing bubbles while they waited for freshly made elephant ears to eat!

On the quilting front I whipped out this quilt for entry to the Hampden Park Quilt ChallengeQuilt -according to my notes I needed to get it into the mail post haste..I followed the  Hampden Nine Patch pattern.  I started after work on Wednesday, the 13th, after knitting class Thursday night and then, on Friday the 15th before work I finished the hand stitching on the binding, plus took photos.  I actually got into the office late as I stopped at the post office on the way and mailed it off to Scotland..whew!  So happy to have it on it's way. I had saved several fabrics given to me to do some sort of quilt and this project worked great for those fabrics-I had just enough of the bright pink fabric to work the way I wanted it to in this quilt.  So, all fabric from stash, and the perfect color threads from stash as well.  Love shopping from the stash!

What is next? I have a few more items up on the design wall to choose from. I am leaning towards the most creative and fun one is only one block and I get to use letters in it.  
I am spending every morning reading various's been so much fun to catch up with so many "old" friends and then discover new ones to go read too.  I will try to be a better blogger..really...
hugs Cher

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At 12:02 AM, Blogger Patti said...

Hi Cher! I've been waiting for you to post so I could say hi. I'm back to quilting after a two year break, and also back to blogging. Sounds like you've been doing some knitting too. I've been focused on knitting and learning to spin the last two years. Got back into quilting in January when I finally got around to make a quilt for my youngest granddaught, who will be 3 in July!

I thought about you when I learned that Fibers in Motion closed. I imagine you went into mourning. I hope all is well with you. Alice has sure grown!


At 10:07 AM, Blogger Linda C said...

Looks like the girls are having a great time in these pictures. Losing teeth is a rite of passage for kids. She is growing up right n front of your eyes.

The quilt turned out nice. you really did have to do some Marathon sessions to get it done in time including mailing overseas. I can't really see what is on that print piece but it has pretty colors. Something geometric?

At 3:22 PM, Blogger Michele Bilyeu said...

Darling elephants, young ladies and quilt! And Patti posted a comment! I'd just come across her blog in my widget and wondered if she'd ever blog again. Double fun visiting you today!


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