Saturday, May 11, 2013

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Yes, today I am spending the day listening to his Holiness.  I have long been inspired by this man and the chance to see and hear him in person was an unexpected opportunity, not to be missed.

Clearly a follow up post after today will be forth coming.  

On the quilting front: I took on doing a secret challenge with a deadline.  Yes, after promising myself no more  deadline projects this year...I could not resist this new adventure. It was just something that my heart insisted I do.
Each morning I spend some great reading time of various blogs across the internet, some long time favorites, and always a new link or two to check out.  I continue to find amazing quilters and sewists doing creative and inspiring work.  
 I still have my donation quilt waiting to be bound and another donation top on the design wall.  
Neither of which deterred me from plunging into this new project.  
I am up early on what would usually be a slight sleep in morning-so, I am using my "extra"  time as a chance to  post here, enjoy some quiet time and...cut some more squares for this new "heart" project.  

hope your day is filled with joy!