Sunday, November 23, 2014

Update on Indian Summer quilt

I am over the half way mark for this quilt top.  25 blocks out of 42.  I have taken a lot of time off to do other non-quilting related stuff.  Like most working quilters, it's a challenge to juggle all the demands on my time and match up time available with desire and energy to work on a slower than my usual quilt project.  Paper piecing is not my favorite type of block making.  However, this was back in 2008 a special quilt, most of the fabrics collected by my sweetheart who is a huge autumn color fan, and the resulting quilt will add to her collection.  Currently the comments go; did I really pick that fabric???  As I keep saying, I am not a particular fan of autumn colors I can say yes, the majority of these fabrics were at her request.  The lights however, were all chosen by me, back at that time too. I used what I had and then went shopping for more as I never seem to have enough lights!

I am being resolute about not starting anything new but plugging away on this project.  We are going away for a three day trip the day after Thanksgiving.  Dog sitter arranged, it will be a nice break from home and the usual stuff.  So, no time will be available to make progress on this quilt.  

I don't usually talk much about my day job here.  I will only say that a few months ago, it changed in a big way and the impact on my particular desk has meant considerably longer hours than I am happy about.  Sometimes the powers that be, simply do not do their homework on the reality of deciding to make BIG changes.  By the time they figure out they need to hire more people, and factor in the learning curve for those new people, the end result is my desk is two weeks behind.

I have been chipping away at that...some days I seem to gain, some days bring big setbacks as yet another new change goes into effect and I reap the fallout.  The last meeting I had with the CFO was pretty amusing...not much of a glimmer of the true impact of the real work load for me,  but concern about too much overtime.
 I held my ground on the reality...take something off my desk, or accept the fact that there is no way eight hours is going to cover it all.  So...while the powers work on that solution...I put in extra time as I can.  Our department has this coming Friday off , unpaid.

 So, I have 8 hours I can put in without it counting as overtime, lucky me.  I chose not to use a vacation day for Friday.   I have 5 vacation days left and they are already booked for March.

Ok...time to get off the computer and help my sweetie learn how to make skype work for her.

Enjoy this wonderful day!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

October retreat and Max visit..

Playing catch up as life has been jam packed with, well, life stuff! So, photos from my guild retreat, visit with my grandson Max playing with his bucket, and what I am currently working-blocks from a class back in 2008, the new lights in my quilting/computer room-LED's hip hip hooray!