Sunday, December 07, 2014

A few December thoughts

The older I get, the faster time flies by.  In the blink of an eye, it's one week into December already!

So....each year I get the Friday after the US Thanksgiving holiday off.  And, most years I find that bonus day my day to be creative time for quilting.  Often I also put up our outside Christmas lights.
Christmas celebrating inside is always the first weekend in December, as my sweetheart's birthday is December first, and I support celebrating birthdays independent of any holiday.

 This year, we left on that bonus Friday off for Seattle WA.  We celebrated her birthday with a longtime friend who also shares that same birthday date.  What a fabulous time we had!  We woke up to snow Saturday morning and what a delightful surprise that was!  Back home late Sunday - picking up our dog, Murphy (have I mentioned him?  more on him another post).
A big birthday party Monday night with dear friends.  Of course my day job has kicked into even higher gear of work piling up on my desk.  The running joke is I am still catching up from going on vacation back in September!
However, I had shopped for Max (grandson who lives in Texas), early and was able to wrap and ship all his Christmas gifts by the end of the week.  I also bought a copy of the current book club book I read and sent it off to my sister as a bonus gift yesterday.  I belong to an amazing monthly book club group (women only) and we read always inspiring and thought/conversation provoking books.  A few I have already read but most I have never even heard it is always fun to vote on which new book we will read next.
I then often share that choice with my sister so we too can discuss it.

Today, it is all about putting up those Christmas lights (bonus, the sun is out today!) getting a bit of sewing of those pp blocks done, and the start of Christmas cookie baking.  My quilt guild meets Thursday night and my contribution to our potluck is something sweet, so cookies fit right in for that as well.

As I am sewing on these blocks I take breaks to read emails and/or chat with a friend online who is also doing much of the same as I am today...some laundry going, some sewing, whatever.

December brings so many opportunities for socializing and enjoying family and friends.  This year I am not filling in every spare moment ...each time something gets on the calendar I smile and look forward to that event.  Whatever hits first, is what we are doing...with regrets to any other invitations that may come for the same time. It is not required to do it all..and with that attitude, I stopped sewing and wrote this post.
I hope December is filled with joy for everyone who reads this post.

Enjoy your day!