Sunday, March 15, 2015

February flew by!

I always think I will find more time to post here, and then ! whoosh!  it's another month gone by.
I just realized the Liberated Quilter's Ring is gone.  Of course, I had not saved all those blog addresses.  How sad.  I know many quilters do not do blogs anymore and it makes me feel sad too.

So I took it down from my sidebar.  It's an end of an era all right...I will have to do more updates as well.  I seem to have less time to devote to my love of quilting and so..I find less to post here.

We are going on vacation at the end of this week.  But, Thursday night I am getting back a quilt I gave to a longarm quilter to do.  Yes, it is the recent top I showed.  I still need to make binding and of course stitch that on.  I also have begun a new round robin with my current guild quilt group.  It's going to be so much fun but I can't post any photos here- can not give away the surprise until we finish which will be in a year.
I am working on boring paperwork and dragging my feet to take a photo and post it of the recent donation quilt I finished the quilting on.  I am going to wait until I finish the second one and then post both of them.
Meanwhile, I will now have to track down all my favorite bloggers who were on the Liberated Ring and get up to date with them.
It makes sense why now I get so few people stopping by.   No more ring hopping!

I am not going to give up on my blog however.  I may not post often...but I will post soon.