Monday, November 02, 2015

quilting again

I have been quilting on a more regular basis.  I also had my first spam comment.  sheesh.  I removed it and reported the problem.  I may have to add stronger screening of comments, but, as I do not have a lot of traffic leaving comments, I will hope it does not become a recurring issue.

I have a new laptop computer and still in the learning curve.  I have enjoyed a week of vacation with my sister visiting and it was great fun.

The day job continues to have a mountain of backlog to contend with and I am still training my co-worker who has taken a part of my workload.  Like any mountain, I am taking it one chunk at a time.  It would be nice if time stopped and I actually had a hope of catching up.  As that is never going to be the case, I am embracing do what I can in the time I am allowed (ie, no more overtime) and let the bosses worry about what is not getting accomplished.

I had planned to submit an entry into QuiltCon this year, but, alas I did not read the size requirement for smallest entry and restrictions on the Michael Miller challenge category I had received fabric to use to make my quilt with.  I have to say, I never felt the directions and information that went with that challenge satisfied my questions.  I probably should have found a contact person within The Modern Quilt Guild and been more direct with my questions.  So, all that said, I will find a way to use the fabric sent in one of my charity quilts.

Fabric in my stash never goes to waste!   It all ends up in a quilt at some point or passed along to someone else who will put it to good use.

Once the current top I am working on is done I will share a photo.  It needs one more row ...and I have run out of weekend for now.

back to the work mines today!