Tuesday, January 24, 2006

2nd post of the day

ok...the soup is not quite done-I rummaged and came up with everything to make the soup (lentil curry) I had my taste buds set on...I do like cooking from scratch and making do with what I find in the pantry/fridge. So, I don't have to leave home to enjoy soup today. I had my hot tea while waiting on the soup to get this far. I put in 15 minutes free motion quilting before having to take a break. I can see this quilting with breaks is going to take a while...but, that's ok today. Music for the day: smooth jazz- fourplay and richard elliot some of my favorites being played recently- we have satellite tv so I can put on the music stations and enjoy commerical free (99%) music all day and all night. what a great feature and makes having a tv worth while in my opinion...Zoe simply can not understand why on this beautiful sunny day I am staying in my sewing chair so much?? poor baby. This is when I could use borrowing an active child/teen to entertain my dog lol. not much of a work out with me today. Back to lying at my feet napping until I move. ok- back to the quilting...until the soup is really ready for eating and not sampling.


At 8:29 PM, Blogger Granny said...

You surely don't want the dog to dislike your quilting habit!

The lentil curry soup sounds yummy.

I've gotten so used to listening to XM, that the commercials on regular radio make me want to scream!

Judy L.


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