Wednesday, February 22, 2006

a few added details

Late at night my brain just does not retain all the details-that is why I collect quilt shop cards when I travel-with notes on the back of them if I find fabric I love and want to visit again.

LJ might post a great quilt shop photo of us...and she might not-but, the quilt shop where I found great bright fabric at a price half of what I would pay back home-is A Time 2 Sew in Collinsville, Alabama. They have limited hours of being open and if you blink you will drive right on through this small town. And, they carry Pie in the Sky patterns-so I was able to check those out! They are still getting the class side of things figured out and I believe Joy will be teaching a few classes there as well. The white on white wholecloth quilt Joy was hand quilting on was just amazing to me...teeny tiny stitches...oh my! And without a bat of an eyelash she looked at my handquilting and said honey those fans look just wonderful! Granted she has been quilting since a young child I am sure-her momma quilted all her life and I think Joy just took to sewing and quilting like a duck to water. No one on either side of my family quilted, near as I have been able to find out-it will be my quilts left behind to be enjoyed and I hope start a quilting tradition.


At 4:11 PM, Blogger Debra Dee said...

I sure enjoyed the trip to the quilt store in Collinsville. I read the entire story written by Catznqltz2. You girls had quite a day for yourselves. Can't wait to see the fabric you bought. This vacation you have taken us on has been REALLY fun!!!

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Granny said...

Cher, I'm sure your family will LOVE your quilts!!

Enjoyed reading LJ's post about the shop y'all visited.

Judy L.


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