Tuesday, February 21, 2006

quilts photos - part 2

Sorry- my sister took these photos and believes in close ups only. Rather than argue-I am just posting these as they are...the wild looking one up there...the green and blue one? yep, that's my favorite! it is on the small side and will probably be a wall hanging in her room, after I add a sleeve for it. The floral log cabin- a nice queen size, will be a special birthday gift to her best friend, Debbie. Now she has to come up with a label idea for me to do and get on the quilt before gifting it. The purple log cabin will go on her bed, another queen size one. The two log cabin quilts were made by a woman named Flo who will be celebrating her 75th or so birthday next month. They are all beautifully long arm machine quilted and the blue/green one has an equally wild backing on it-while the log cabin ones have a white muslin backing on them. I will have to help my sister with labeling the three quilts she is keeping for herself..an easy enough task for me. I will wait to share photos of my bright fabrics stash additions (what is a trip away without fabric to show for it?) when I get back home. I would have added some of the wild pink/purple squares and such I found but I actually need to use up the pinks I already have - plus I am truly looking forward to what LJ will make with them...I may have to help her with some ideas :-)
Oh, I must share this great comment my sister made....this girl won't sew on a button unless she is forced to-but...she said after watching all the fun we had at the quilt shop and then seeing all the quilts Joy shared with us-including those by her granddaughters...she allowed maybe when she retired I could teach her to quilt....like I am going to wait that long! oh...Patty, if you are reading this...you know my attitude, why wait to have a good time? Maybe when we go over to the sewing bee at Joy's you might find yourself sitting at a machine joining in the fun after all.
Of course this change of heart about learning to quilt and buying all these gorgeous quilts will not get me off the hook of making more for her...I had that made clear enough let me tell you. What greater joy is there, than making quilts for family that loves them?


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Finn said...

The quilts your sister bought are great...and I'll bet will be enjoyed alot by everyone! Great way to support an effort too..*S*

I'll put money on the fact that she'll be quilting before she knows it...LOL Love the yellow background with those pinwheels..hmmm.now where have I seen yellow used as background before???*VBG*

At 9:32 PM, Blogger Hunter said...

Oh, Cher, that blue one is my favorite, too.

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed your posts so much.



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