Saturday, November 17, 2007

a fast top indeed

I wanted to leave the raffle quilt up long enough for folks to click on the link and buy tickets-it seems the website was down for about 2 days after I posted about the raffle quilt...13 days left to buy the possible winning ticket!
So...I think I mentioned something about trying a new pattern using donated fabric-happy to share a photo of the completed top. The binding is cut from the same tan-ish gold looking border fabric..and it taught me exactly what I wanted to learn. I have met a new longarm quilter who has generously offered to quilt up some tops for our charity group- this will be one of the several going to her. Next up tonight is cutting into the flannel for the secret Christmas longarm gal will have one done by the end of November-and then will do the one I will cut tonight. That works out perfectly. If I have the right color combinations I am going to use more than 3 fabrics for the next top. This is a disappearing nine patch pattern that Nancy has given a tutorial on. Thanks Nancy!
I only had about 15 to 20 minutes each morning to work on this project so it took longer than it probably would if you were able to work on it straight through. However, this approach fit much better into my week of being busy-including taking half a day off to go take care of baby Alice suffering from the croupe. Once she got over mama being unavailable (she works upstairs in her home office) we had a fine time together. Even being sick she was an angel for me-sleeping for an hour which was so appreciated by her parents! I feel so thankful that I have a flexible job that allows for taking time off to go enjoy being a grandma when I am needed. Too bad she will be a teenager by the time I retire! I spent most of my day doing housework-I finally had the time and energy to do some major scrubbing and clearing out. Tomorrow will be much the same except I won't spend a few hours raking leaves. I filled a 33 gallon container today and that's my limit. I finally ran out of gas around 5 pm and after walking Zoe sat down and put the borders on this top. Another cup of coffee and I think I can last long enough to cut the next top out...I am so looking forward to playing with the flannel I have chosen. I hope you are having as much fun during your weekend as I am...yes, I do find cleaning and scrubbing fun! and no, I won't come and have that sort of fun at your place.

hurray for family!
hurray for cherished friends getting back in touch!
hurray for life!



At 9:05 PM, Blogger Silverthimble said...

Very cheerful top! Your day sounds a lot like mine-cleaning and quilting! A mixture of the necessary things and the things we like to do!

At 9:31 AM, Blogger Holly said...

Been thinking of you - glad you sound happy and well. A job that let's you be flexible is a PERFECT job. Pretty quilt.

At 9:30 PM, Blogger atet said...

I love playing with the disappearing 9 patches -- they go together so quickly!


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