Thursday, June 26, 2008

back from vacation-running in place

Actually, I am hanging on to that wonderful relaxed feeling you gain from going away and doing completely different stuff from home. I had a fabulous vacation hanging out with my sibs and friends of theirs who also are friends of mine. I did NOTHING quilty-well, except and you knew there would be SOMETHING right? I found this fabulous art gallery which featured an artist that used mixed medium in his art style-quilty feeling. His name is Wycliffe "Linc" Bennett and many of the batik fabrics-I have in my own stash! This show is running until July 27th in Decatur, GA.
I chatted with Niki a gallery associate for quite a while about the quilt art topic. If you drop the word quilt and use for example, textile or mixed media- the general public will be more receptive to considering it true "art". I missed a wonderful quilt show earlier in the week and can only say, it was fantastic to quilt speak with someone. Also the work of Desmond McFarlane -a Jamaican style artist had some amazing work using triangles in jewel colors-again, could have been done as a quilt.
So? what else is going on? cutting a zillion inch and a half squares for a postage stamp swap I am part of right now. I am about half done with that cutting. So far I have pulled 23 sets of 25 pieces all from a handy scrap basket in the fabric room. Too lazy to move stuff around to actually pull fabric from my shelves! Somewhere I have strips cut that would be handy for this swap-and I may have to hunt those down in the interest of keeping it lazy *vbs*
And, it's Thursday-I have a potluck meeting right after work (good thing for ready made food from the local market) and will be home on the late side. Friday after work I am finally heading over to check in with Alice and family. I get to play with her as her parents get ready for the big TWO birthday party the next day. I managed to do a little Alice shopping while on vacation-we found the most fantastic children's book store ever. (In Decatur) I had to really restrain myself. I knew I was running short of suitcase space or I swear I would have come home with fifty pounds of books! Have I mentioned we have an Alice library here? some books from my childhood, some books I grew up with and bought, and I always seem to find a new one she must enjoy.
And Saturday morning before the Alice party, I am sewing with the FABS-so at some point before then, I really need to cut out for that event. I may not be sleeping much Friday night.



At 7:14 AM, Blogger Darcie said...

You've got lots going on in these next couple of days, Cher! Good thing you are feeling refreshed from your holiday away!

I found it very interesting...what you said about "dropping the word quilt." That is so true, isn't it! *They* (much of the general, un-informed public) expect us quilters to be little old ladies still...don't they?! Funny!


At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Books! Every great Gramma (or Nonna) has a library for their grands...whoo hoo!!! our fav gift to give, books, books and more books.

Happy bday to LMAIW TWO!!! how did that happen?!?!?!?!

'See' you on Saturday, if not before.


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Pat said...

Happy Birthday to Alice! as a Mom, my kids know that I can never say *no* to a book purchase!

I still need to *cut* for Saturday, too. 'See' you then :)


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