Thursday, June 19, 2008

on vacation-checking in

I actually managed to come on vacation and leave all hand work, quilty and otherwise at home. I did not bring anything quilty with me at all. Instead I have been relaxing and enjoying every minute with my sister and the rest of my family. All photos will wait until I get back home-I am far too lazy to try and upload onto my sisters computer and deal with all that stuff. Our spa day on Monday was fabulous. Over the previous weekend we visited my brother and his family and had our usual rowdy fun time together. I had a chance to meet my sisters boyfriend and look forward to his arrival Friday night -he spends his weekends here with my sister. As they are talking about him moving in, it's nice to have a chance to get to know him and I am happy she is so happy with him as part of her life. She was widowed in 2005 and deserves to find love and happiness again is my thought. They are a sweet couple.
I love clothes shopping with my sister, as I, on my own tend to never clothes shop. I just hate the whole looking, trying on, and deciding time involved. However, it is always so much fun to shop with my sister-she has wonderful fashion taste and is great at telling me how I look in whatever I am trying on. Thanks to her, I now own two pairs of summer heeled sandals, suitable to wear to work that I wanted to find. I usually never wear heels, so I am wearing them at her house to be sure I am happy with them. We figure wearing them inside on the clean floors gives me the best chance of knowing if they are really shoes to keep. I can return them by Monday if not. I will leave it to your imagaination to visualize me in tee-shirt, shorts and heeled sandals *vbs* and I have to confess this is a real sexy feeling to wearing heels! These are wedge type heels- those pencil slim heels are beyond my comfort zone as are the pointy toe look. I promise a photo if I keep these shoes and when I am back home. So, a boring post of being on vacation and just relaxing and not doing a whole lot. I did attend the WNBA game last night with a co-worker friend of my sisters. The Dream lost again- they have yet to win a game, but it sure was fun to watch in person and cheer them on anyway. I even won a free tee-shirt they were throwing into the stands. I also went and talked to the promo folks after they announced a winner for coming the furthest to attend the game. The woman was from MD, and boy did I have that beat. They said, next time I am coming to email them ahead and they would give me free tickets for the game-sweet! As I said, it was a great time and we used the train system which made for fun traveling as well. I love using public transportation. Saturday we plan on going berry picking and later I will make the family favorite strawberry shortcake-the way my sibs love it best. They are all coming over here for a bbq later that day and of course more killer uno card playing will happen. A whole lot of laughing also can be counted on. I so enjoy hanging out with my sibs.
I look forward to coming home and diving into my quilty projects with a fresh energy. I have joined a postage stamp swap and will need to cut at least 50 charm squares for that right away. They are being mailed to Scotland and I will just make the deadline. I also want to work on the summer class project letters and then wrap up my WFC as well. That Linda managed to finish hers and mail it before her vacation..oh the peer pressure ...another big smile.

I am getting in some email reading as I enjoy my morning coffee and prepare for the day's plan of whatever we decide to do. Today it will be doing my laundry, sorting through old photos, and playing with an excel feature I want to learn. Oh, and she has a program that allows you to transfer vinyl records into cds....I have a stack of albums I chose for her to do. Do not ask me any details..I have no plan to do this at home. I figure it is her sisterly pleasure to make these for me, just as it is my pleasure to make quilts and give them to her.

ok...I do not expect to post until I am back home around the 24th of June...and yes, I will take and post photos of my own garden efforts as well.



At 3:44 PM, Blogger Mary Johnson said...

When I first started quilting I never traveled without a project and then I started doing crochet or knitting because there was no prep work before the trip. Now, I pretty much just take a vacation and only worry about having enough reading material.

Enjoy your vacation!

At 1:22 PM, Blogger swooze said...

Sounds like you are having fun. Enjoy!

At 7:19 AM, Blogger Joanne said...

Sounds like you're having a grand time. Glad you're enjoying yourself. Sometimes we need a break from quilting, too!

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

Nothing wrong with taking that break from any aspect of quilting! It will still be waiting for you when your appetite to do it is probably revived.

Me on the other hand? My usual busman's holiday--my mom needed my help but I did other stuff between pinning and playing with fabric and unlike last year, NO cutting.

I am so glad that you are getting to spend this time with your family and rest, relax, laugh, giggle, play and what have you. You were really ready for this!

Catch you on Tuesday if not before!

At 7:04 PM, Blogger Melinda said...

Glad to hear you are having a good time. Sorry you decided not to visit the quilt shops in Georgia because I would have loved to meet you at Tiny Stitches.


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