Friday, July 10, 2009

fast check in

I had a wonderful day of listening to lectures and sneaking in on Freddy's class to have my photo taken with her. Today I remembered my camera and made up for not having it the other day.

The picnic in the park event was so much fun despite rain drops finally convincing us to dash off -luckily after all of Gwen and Freddy's quilts had been shown and the entire program pretty much was over. Stunning quilts to see in person. I hope to take photos tomorrow in better light and without trying to take them over the heads of people. I did take a few of the Gee's Bend women singing...oh my...they are delightful women.

I have yet to sew at my seems by the end of the day I just do not have the energy to sew. If I was hanging out with a quilting friend, maybe it would be different..but M has been reading up a storm and it seems so much more relaxing to just do my computing and enjoy the quiet.
I picked up two new books..Jean Well's latest, Intuitive Color & Design and Ann Johnston's
The Quilter's Book of Design. Glorious color and if I needed even more! but could not resist tangible reminders of the direction I am going with my own quilting and what makes my heart sing the loudest. Yes, I even bought some fabric..and a frog pattern that will have me stepping way out of my usual style of in doing the "a" word. stay tuned on that.

No way to share photos on this computer..but I am taking plenty and eventually will get some up here. For those of you who wish you were here...I say save up your nickels and make yourself a promise that you are entitled to come be inspired and surrounded by an astonishing number of like minded people. This has been the best year yet that I have come up and enjoyed many more days of what is to be explored leading up to the Sisters show tomorrow. I have signed up for a class with Gwen Marston in March here in Sisters at the Stitchin' Post quilt shop. Two days of playing with solids and making up blocks. You can see I am setting the stage for having fun next spring already.

It's been an action packed week and the only thing I have lacked is getting enough sleep. I am not unhappy about that...just getting a bit tired. Heading home on Sunday and will be happy to be back in my sewing room - ready to actually sew away instead of being sidetracked by other stuff. Hoping to meet up with several online quilters tomorrow as well. Fingers crossed it stays on the cooler side and I actually recognize everyone I hope to meet!



At 5:57 AM, Blogger Clare said...

Oh well - that's another date blown. I'm saving my centimes to go back to the UK in March/April to see the quilt exhibition at the V&A. One day I'll get there. One day.

Hope you enjoyed the quilt show and met lots of fellow bloggers and SB's.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

What fun you are having! I hope that the non-quilter with you is having a good time too. It sounds like it is not an "all quilts, all the time" event. Have a safe trip home and catch you when you get back online--bet you will have tons of pics to share even if you forgot the camera for a few days.

Oh, they will be displaying the Gee's Bend quilts at our local museum this fall--Oct or Nov will have to check the dates.

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Tonya Ricucci said...

wheee, how fabulous. can't wait to see pics! oh and a class next year too. Oh Boy!


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