Friday, November 20, 2009

Houston Quilt Show-special glass protected group project

I am going to post all the photos I took of this amazing exhibit-including the title about it...sorry they are not the greatest photos and a certain young man features in a few (my son!) but it was a truly fabulous work to see in person...the glass setting was amazing.

Click to look up close....what a way to display a group project...simply stunning...

on a personal quilting note...still cutting...maybe by the end of the weekend I will be done with that nothing new to show in the quilting department yet. So many ideas are swirling-and so little time right now to even consider them.

thanks for stopping by and have a joyful weekend!


Sunday, November 08, 2009

current project photo

I was so excited when I finished those curved parts and spent time putting the pieces up on the design wall. As you can see....I am missing some curved parts....and have another 18 "bowtie" (the middle piece) cut waiting for their curved parts. Oops!!! Clearly I did NOT cut all my curve pieces out.

Sigh. I always keep all left over fabrics from a current project together, so it's not a problem to pull that bag out and cut more. I just feel deflated that I am not as far along as I had first thought.

As long as I have to cut more , I am also cutting 1.5 inch strips for my dil and the postage stamp swap-so it's become a cutting marathon.

My dil so liked my hexagon project that she asked for a pattern to make a hexagon wall hanging herself. And, because of course she has zero fabric, and I have more than enough- I am cutting strips for her project to include with the pattern - all of which I hope to send off tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.

What a bonus to discover this about her-I have already sent my Janome Gem machine to her as she also wants to sew clothing. My sons have married creative and charming women. I feel so lucky to have both of them for dil's.

I am cutting some new fabric too for the curve parts..may as well use more fabrics that I bought for it as long as I have to cut anyway.

I am delighted to have this up on my design wall - just the balance to the gray rainy stormy weather that has arrived and seems to be staying around.

More Houston photos to come...for now it's back to cutting and doing laundry.
It's a relaxing Sunday- hope yours is the same!


Thursday, November 05, 2009

close up photos...

One of the things I did at Houston was take close ups of quilts that really caught my eye-in terms of being able to examine the stitching and fitting together of the quilt-all my photos by the way will enlarge if you click on them. Again, I have not tracked down the name of the quilter.

The zipper quilt was part of a special exhibit...I really need to pull my notes out!
I think a day of wrapping up should be granted when you come home from vacation-there just never seems to be enough transition time between coming home from a trip and diving back into work and home life.

I have finished my circle blocks-step 0ne. Now for some serious pressing time to be able to start pinning for the next step. Actually these are pie shaped "blocks", the half way mark of the finished blocks. However, I have arranged them as circles on the design wall for fun. In fact I have arranged them in all sorts of improbable arrangements, just to have that color play and shape to enjoy as I plodded through the stitching of the curves. Once these parts are all pressed, comes the real fun of arranging them with the middle "bow tie" shape piece and see how I want my blocks to go together.

And speaking of time zooming by all too fast:
No matter what, I am making sure I do some stitching each morning-five minutes is better than none and right now some days/evenings that is all I can manage.

Rain is supposed to hit us today and last for several days..ugh. Yesterday was so beautiful with colored clouds as the sun faded - pinks and deep rose-feathered looked like a painting.

Working out in the yard until the light faded was such a pleasure. I don't mind raking leaves in the non-rain!


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Houston Quilt show photos

I am running late this morning so I will post a few photos and could not locate the quilter info on them-sorry! One is called Bridging the gap and the other is the dancing dead...I took a close up of that fabulous dead quilt-great applique and quilting.

I am managing to sew a little each day on my curve blocks...with 5 left to go-woohoo! I have to celebrate the small steps as I have so much going on right now...I am spending about 30-40 minutes in the garden - as much as my arm/back can tolerate, though thank goodness for drugs to offset even that little bit creating more pain than I like to admit. I will only take over the counter stuff...I hate taking pills and just prefer to deal with the results of my drive to try and get my garden to bed for the winter...we are having a dry spell and I know I need to take advantage-when the rains will be wet world to the max around here...and I will be sorry sorry if I don't jump on what I can outside now.

oops...sidetracked myself there...sorry. I will post a few photos - with luck- every day...I really tried to take only photos of quilts I loved or inspired me..though I had to take a few because either I knew the quilter or my son really admired them.

Many, many quilts were tagged with no photography allowed- all of Paula N's incredible kaleidoscope blocks for example...none allowed....I will track down a link to hopefully share what I am I said...I am running even later now!