Wednesday, February 10, 2010

more on the day off part

Well, the photos in the last post did not move quite where I wanted them, but I think by looking at them you can figure out the front and the back, and how you fold the back up to make the pockets with the hearts . I knew Pam had a featherweight like mine, so I knew the perfect size to make it as of course with my machine I could double check for size. One day I will make one for myself.

In the meanwhile as M has been gone (due home tonight) I set up in the kitchen to have two machines available for use. However, I had not planned for several evenings of being gone on other stuff and as the photo of the pinning of the curve pieces shows...I did not get to the end of that part of the task. I always, always think I can get so much more done when I am home alone. Of course, as you see Zoe in the background sitting- she has only me to take care of her and she is one needy dog. Lots of in and out and play with me time sucks up more time than I ever think it will !!

So, I will sew and pin and by afternoon start cleaning up and returning the kitchen to normal.
I arranged my work schedule to have one whole day off this week instead of shorter hours all week. It was so nice to sleep in - as much as Zoe allowed this morning and be more leisurely in doing everything this morning. A lovely walk with Zoe not having to rush back to get ready for work was much enjoyed by both of us. I have a few errands to run this afternoon and in no time will get a call to go pick up M at the Max station. Our light rail system is great for commuting from the airport to close to home. So much nicer than fighting the traffic out at the airport to pick up incoming folks.

I found perfect backing dinosaur fabric for Miss Alice's upcoming dinosaur quilt- it's washed and the go with fabric too. I am working on a charity quilt using the fw machine, the curve block pieces on the Bernie..and will add in the dinosaur quilt to give myself a break from curve sewing.

Sounds good, right? Well, time to get off the computer and back to enjoying this day.

Oh...and also a photo of what I received from Linda...a wonderful wall hanging !!! it reminds me more of spring than winter despite the "wintery" fabrics :-)


a day off and catch up blog time

I may have to break this into two posts...first- the reveal of the latest FAB challenge happened the other night. I walked in the door late evening to a phone message to jump on the computer and be part of the fun. I caught everyone in time and the reveal was wonderful. Each FAB received something made with the challenge fabric..several used a very small amount and not everyone followed the "rules" as I read them- but each challenge was perfect for the person it was given to and we all were delighted. Most of us are posting to our blogs- not sure if Norma had time before packing and flying off on her vacation however.

I took photos as I made Pam's challenge. I have long thought a machine mat would be a terrific quilting item to own and to give. This challenge I decided was a great time to jump in and make one up. Without a pattern but a vision in my head I started in. At the class I recently took someone had a similar mat that they had made. Of course I checked it out and found it more simple than what I wanted to do-however, it had similar parts that I wanted to include.

Here follows the steps of making Pam's challenge.
I drew the letters to get the right size .


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

until the reveal...

Yesterday I mailed off the latest Fab Challenge to Pam. I reminded her in BIG LETTERS on the front DO NOT OPEN until the reveal. What a lovely feeling to have that winging it's way to her and be outta here.

I was pinning half circle triangles to arcs for the Freddy blocks when I realized I was short pieces.
Argh!!!! I fail to understand how I managed to not cut the right amount-so annoying. I pulled fabric and tonight I am pressing and cutting what really should be the last pieces. Then I can sit and watch tv and pin all of them together for the next round of sewing. I am determined to get this top done and I am considering sending it out for quilting. Then again, I may change my mind and quilt it myself. At any rate-at least I am back to working on the blocks-they have been up on the design wall all winter (I think fall too) and really it's time to wrap them up and clear the wall for new things.

My class with Margaret Miller was fabulous! Naturally I forgot my camera, thus, no photos to share. I finished the quarter sections of two blocks and part of a more challenging third block.

She asked us to not sew the blocks together so you can turn them and play with the different looks -until you like what you see.

My plan is to finish these blocks and turn them into a table runner-ready to show at the next guild meeting at the end of February. We were working out of her book, AnglePlay Blocks. I bought the full set of templates which though expensive I feel are worth every penny. These templates have the correct angles at the ends of the triangles so matching them up and sewing them together is really a breeze. I am not a huge template fan, but, they certainly have their place and for these type of blocks the payoff comes in the wonderful results you can achieve.

I would say I am happy to be back into full swing quilting mode with more fun stuff ahead. I have joined Tonya's current class and expect to really have fun playing with solids and doing my version from inspiration at this website.

We are staying at a friends place only seven miles from Sisters when we go up in March for Gwen's class - which means Zoe (our boxer) can come along and keep my sweetie company while I am gone at class. I have pulled my featherweight machine out and used it on the challenge piecing part and will continue to use it as much as I can - I am taking it as my machine for class and want to feel comfortable winding bobbins and so on for it.

Ok...on to cutting and pinning for me...