Sunday, October 24, 2010

October almost over....and....

Spring and energy lift seasons. I love this time of year! And, it is a huge help to be feeling almost 100% healthy again- my shoulder/arm are back in full motion and I can even lift Alice Wonderful 40 pounds and nearly 4.5 years old now.

So? last weekend we spent a huge amount of time driving around our local area doing this.

Talk about amazing talent and inspiration galore! One of my favorites is Pam Grow, as her featured piece reminded me of a piece my son Eli made when he was a child doing clay class during the summer days back in GP Oregon. I saved and use several of the clay creations both my sons made during those fun summer times. One sits on my desk at work and another on our kitchen window sill...treasures!!

Pam doesn't have a website but many of the artists we enjoyed visiting do and one of them that I will be taking a workshop in January is here.

The glass work was fabulous....a few pieces had to come home with us. I will save taking classes for later in my life. I still have far too many quilt ideas stuffing my brain to add another art craft to!

My occasion book tells me I will be celebrating 5 years of having this blog on November 27th.

I think I could do celebrate that fact. Suggestions?

For now, I am going to do my best to post when I have both the time and the joy....

meanwhile...Alice is on her way over and gosh...I have a bit of sewing left to get done before they roll into the driveway!

you all have a fabulous Sunday and hope the bit of sunshine here finds a way to light up your life.