Saturday, October 06, 2012

today's progress...

Today was a FAB quilting day...a while back Linda and Norma came across quilts featuring this ruler with fun results.  We kicked around the idea of making something and chose today's date for sewing "online" together.  I liked this idea and had pulled fabric for cutting.  Last night, instead of cutting and prepping fabrics for today I watched last season episodes of The Closer tv show.  Fun!  And, I was able to sleep in this morning which meant I really got a late start on joining the FAB party.  Not to worry! as one FAB had to do something else today and the other two were just getting ready to start their sewing day.  I cut and sewed my squares together, added borders, and then spent the rest of the day cutting out...with this result:
I used the smaller size ruler as you can see in the middle of the squares.   
We are going to a house concert in about 2 hours so  this is where I will "pick up" tomorrow.  I also spent time taking care of the dog-several walks and play sessions, eating,  and a few coffee/chat breaks thrown in as well.  My kind of day!  Leisurely but progress made.  This will be a Christmas gift for the work elephant gift thing we started doing again last year. This is a very labor intensive project in my opinion...sewing together, cutting up, sewing back together..however..the end result will prove whether it was all worth it.  I also had a great time blog surfing and catching up with bloggers I always enjoyed so much prior to my long departure from blogland.  It's great to be back and finding out what everyone was up to while I checked out.

Today has been a welcome burst of fabric fun.  Be sure and check out Pat and Linda over at my sidebar to see what they did today with me...

as always, thanks for stopping by!


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

I like the nice clear colors you pulled, Cher.

I started on the base unit for my wreath this morning and cut the first 4 columns. I would have finished up except for needing them for demo purposes for quilt group though I suppose any of them would let me start cutting on theirs for them, LOL.

Yeah, a little labor involved but plain squares are not near as fun.

Looked for you today but you must be busy!

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Joanne said...

I made a couple of those quilts -- definitely labor intensive, but really cute results. I have a kit to make one with the tiniest ruler -- haven't been brave enough to start! Have fun with it.


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