Sunday, November 04, 2012

twister wall hanging done

I put the last binding stitches in this morning, now it is  totally done including a label and ready to give as a gift.  We do a secret Christmas  gift exchange at work and this will be my gift.  I am pleased to be so ahead of time on having this ready to wrap and take to the office.

I have moved on to pressing and cutting  fabric for my next project. Last night I pulled all the fabrics I had bought for this project a few months ago. 

 This morning   I decided I needed more of several colors and checking  my stash found it  seriously lacking in dark purple and orange. Lucky for me,  my local quilt shop could fill that void..  Not so luckily they had none of my most favorite fabric.
 When I had  purchased fabric at Quilt Expo (Portland, OR)  the vendor where I liked the fabric best had not brought any yardage!  I had to go online to order more of my most  favorite fabric...shown below.  Isn't it the greatest???

I can see using this fabric in several projects besides my current one.  So I ordered 3 yards.  
I also dropped off my Bernie for a tune up and have had to set up my second favorite machine tonight.
I am now shutting down for the night as it is back to the work mines in the early am tomorrow.
It has been a very quilt full weekend and refreshed my creative spirit no end.

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At 12:14 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

Hooray for a finish! I know I was thinking the same thing as I did the binding on my version. Turns out that is a good thing as Marilyn in doing a little class on it with some folks for the other quilt group and I can share mine as an example. She used buttons to quilt hers--mine is quilted. Plus I have my Halloween row and other stuff done with it.

I love that fabric! I can see why you were on the hunt for it as it will be perfect for a Cher version Halloween quilt. Glad you were able to find some more of it.

At 3:31 AM, Blogger Clare said...

Great fabric. Zombie's eyes!!!!!!!


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