Tuesday, January 29, 2013

early January Alice sleep over

Alice has been missing from my blog for quite a while..however, she spent the night a while back and played in the scrap bag with the following results:

Alice is now 6 and getting to be quite tall.  Here is a close up of the arrangement:
She did all the cutting up herself..but was not so much interested in the idea of sewing them together.
Also, here is her daddy's baby quilt, all repaired-which went home with her for more fort building fun.
and the pretty faded back side..a pre-quilted fabric ...Nice to know it will now stand up for many more years.  My string quilt is waiting for me to make and attach the binding before I can take a finished photo. And, I have begun working on the applique that is for the new addition on my sidebar-It's All About Me.
I have been knitting too...so despite a busy time at the work mines, I am making time to be creative.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

welcome 2013

It's been a few years since I chose a "word of the year" learn more here but this year I did...and...it's Center.

I will be using my word  as a jumping off point, a mantra, and in many creative ways as well.  I do not make resolutions..but ...I did find having a focus (or word) for a year was helpful, and felt this year it would be a good motivation.

Our main computer with the photo software etc. is broken...it's a mystery as it was working one morning for me before going off to the work mines, and by the time I came home at 8 pm...it was broken.  As in, unable to connect to the internet broken.  sheesh.  ok..I may have used stronger words than that..but...annoying as I really like using that computer for being online and so on.

thank goodness for my laptop!  but it doesn't have enough memory for photo software..so no photos!

And...today was kick off the year as doing those things that you want to do most all year long.  I invited the group over at wrap'm to play along with working on a quilt today and joined in over at Heartstrings in making string blocks as well.

At this point I have stitched and pressed one string added to the center string on 24 foundation blocks.  I had hoped to be stitching binding on a donation quilt today...so much for that.

What I did accomplish  today was enjoy quality time with both quilting friends through online chatting, and family on the phone and of course time with my sweetheart in person.

We walked up to the local market to enjoy the sunshine but bundled up as it was bitterly cold out in that sun-blustery winds and a chill factor no doubt in the low 30's.  Picked up what I needed to make my usual lentil/barley/veggies soup ...which includes kale..yum!  I would not have needed anything as I had planned ahead until when I pulled out the barley it was questionable- looking to use...better to go get fresh (new) and know it was safe to eat.

Life is not a race...this was a bonus day off and I made a good start on a new quilt..I made a delicious soup and the pace of the day was relaxing.  I spent some time reading through one of my favorite bloggers and was quite inspired.
We are enjoying the fire as the evening gets even colder and the hot soup warms us.  A little conversation as the wind blows and the deep wind chimes sound.
  I have my knitting at the ready to continue working on getting the flow of doing the purl stitch continental style-I found a wonderful you-tube tutorial that has excellent camera angles showing how to hold both the yarn and the needle movement to do it correctly. I have a few skeins to play with knitting up dish cloths to practice my "new" style.

 I learned at a  young age how to knit from my grandma...the very basics but in the English or "throwing" style..as I am getting older, it seemed  a good idea to learn the continental method to lessen the repetitive  motion damage to my right shoulder which is starting to trouble me in a painful way.
I have taken a class but found it frustrating trying to remember how to tension the yarn in my left hand, hold the needles and remember which way to make it all work right -with the above mentioned help it is wonderful to be able to play it over and over if I need to double check I am doing it correctly.

I love doing all manners of hand work and I am enjoying this return to knitting even if right now I am back to being a rank beginner in a way.

Hope 2013 is both creative and joyful for all of you-

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