Sunday, March 24, 2013

word last

I finally buckled down and thanks to a play date with a fellow quilter friend, finished up a birthday word block for Carol.
I thought asking for specific word blocks to help her celebrate her big birthday was a fabulous idea!  

I also got a final decision on what (as in, table runner or quilt) to make with the one block I finished last week from a long ago FAB inspired sew together time. is the word block and once I hear from Carol, it will get mailed off and off the design wall for good *big smile*

Next up: make up the blocks needed for the table runner.

Bit by bit, I am getting various lagging projects off the design wall and celebrating finishes.

 In fact, it's very close to being empty now...only 4 items left!  Sorry, but I am not sharing them-several will wing their way to a few long distance friends and the last remains as inspiration for "something new". 



Saturday, March 16, 2013

Alice at the Zoo and my latest quilt

I tried a new way of uploading my photos, hopefully this will mean showing photos more often, making my blog a bit more fun.
Recently M and I took Alice and her friend,Maslin to the Oregon Zoo and our day was perfect-plenty of sunshine and the baby elephant was out and about romping.

You can see she is still pretty small-Lily is her name and she is quite adorable! And I finally got a better photo of Alice showing off her first missing front she and Maslin had a wonderful time blowing bubbles while they waited for freshly made elephant ears to eat!

On the quilting front I whipped out this quilt for entry to the Hampden Park Quilt ChallengeQuilt -according to my notes I needed to get it into the mail post haste..I followed the  Hampden Nine Patch pattern.  I started after work on Wednesday, the 13th, after knitting class Thursday night and then, on Friday the 15th before work I finished the hand stitching on the binding, plus took photos.  I actually got into the office late as I stopped at the post office on the way and mailed it off to Scotland..whew!  So happy to have it on it's way. I had saved several fabrics given to me to do some sort of quilt and this project worked great for those fabrics-I had just enough of the bright pink fabric to work the way I wanted it to in this quilt.  So, all fabric from stash, and the perfect color threads from stash as well.  Love shopping from the stash!

What is next? I have a few more items up on the design wall to choose from. I am leaning towards the most creative and fun one is only one block and I get to use letters in it.  
I am spending every morning reading various's been so much fun to catch up with so many "old" friends and then discover new ones to go read too.  I will try to be a better blogger..really...
hugs Cher

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