Thursday, January 12, 2006

sore fingers from hand quilting

I spent a lot of time hand quilting today/tonight and my poor fingers need a break! I have tried various thimbles/pads...have to say, I just prefer to actually feel the a short break. I am "this" close to being done with the center white part!
The blocks I finished last night were handed over tonight-much to my friends delight. Two of us have promised to bring our ufo need help projects in next month. Note to self: don't wait until the night before the meeting!

If postage was not such an expense I would suggest we "help" each other as part of the stash ring group; work on ufos or stash projects. The only other consideration is: how would the blocks fit done by different people on different machines etc?? I started thinking about that today.

I didn't get much sleep and tomorrow I was asked to start extra early- which means I get off extra early...a great trade off in my opinion! So, I noticed Mary tagged me- that needs to wait another post...I am too beat to do more than say-getting new ideas from fellow quilters really is a good thing! I know I draw inspiration from all the blogs and lists where I interact with fellow quilters.


At 9:57 PM, Blogger Granny said...

As far as blocks made on other machines, I've found that on my 301 machines, the needle must not be quite in the center or the marks are off on one of the plates because 1/4" seams are a tiny bit smaller on one machine. Just a little bit of difference can add up to a lot in a block that has a bunch of seams.

Hope you enjoyed your "early off" day.

Judy L.


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