Friday, January 13, 2006

tagged by Judy

did I mention I usually do not do these?...but, here goes anyway-
4 jobs: counter girl at a donut shop,keypunch operator,airport security, accounting manager
4 movies...Lean on Me, Stand and Deliver,Groundhog Day,White Christmas
but really, I almost never watch a movie more than once as a rule
4 tv shows-*if I did not have a tv addict sweetie-none*...however: CSI, The Biggest Loser,Bones,Grey's Anatomy
4 places I have been on vacation: France,Canada, Mexico,Utah
4 websites I visit-yahoo group and various blogs
4 places I would rather be: on vacation with my sweetie, home in the quilting studio or garden in spring,with my sister,watching a sunset
4 of my favorite foods: chicken enchiladas, my lasagana, plank grilled salmon,coffee ice cream
4 albums I can't live without- I am a music junkie: with a wide range of taste-what I am listening to right now:
Cheryl Wheeler,Collective Soul, Erik Wollo,Michael Gulezian

anyone I would pass this along to has been named...
ok, back to machine quilting....


At 6:47 AM, Blogger Finn said...

Hi Cher, using this post to say I really like the little quilt below..the over the edge one. I'll be back to read more..gotta fly this morning and get the baby quilt out of the frame an sew on the binding..Hugs, Finn


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