Tuesday, February 21, 2006

photos as promised-part one

I hope my words line up with the photos...blogger is being such a bother! This is a lovely blue and yellow pinwheel nine patch-my sister not to be left out of the stash experience, bought four quilts-this one was a fund raiser for the local library of the town where this quilt shop is.

Here is Cody happy with his new quilt-the first thing he looked for was the special label I put on for it. He thinks it is terrific and looks forward to the next one-right after his brother Brandon gets one of course. His big brother is in his twenties and I wasn't sure he would want such a thing as a quilt...I was told-wrong! He needs and wants one for his cold apartment *vbg* (very big grin)! So I guess I will be busting more flannel stash in the near future. The only colors Cody and his mom could think were Brandon's favorite were gray- as that color is not to be found in my flannel stash-he will have to have something else! Sure makes me happy when I see that smile...I told him I would be delighted to do another one for him...and he was to enjoy this one in the meantime. Sorry I am too lazy to link to the earlier photo of this finished quilt...it's back in November I think.

Part two will have the rest of the quilt photos...I managed to lose a few by fiddling around with word placement...in the meanwhile...tonight was my nephew Andy's Eagle Scout Honor Court dinner and presentation. It was very moving as he was pinned by my sister-a moment we all were wishing his dad could have been present to witness-he had worked so very hard in the scouting part of life to help his son earn this highest award. Andy said, tonight and when ever he gets married are the moments he most wanted his dad to be a part of...ok, more tears shed over that too.
I have to get up early...it's spa day once more. Good thing it will allow for some nice quiet napping time in between being pampered. This vacation just keeps getting better and better ....so close your eyes and imagine a nice hour of aromatherapy massage...don't you feel so much more relaxed?


At 7:40 AM, Blogger Finn said...

Great picture Cher, and I LOVE that smile..that is one happy boy!! AND hurray for big brother wanting one too..more stash busted!! Hope you spa day is a wonderful one...gotta go look at the pictures..*G* Hugs, Finn

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Pam said...

Cher...I am sitting at my desk with 2 hrs, 20 minutes left in my day at the office...and you have been where all day...one hour massage...you know I am green!!!

Cody is a cutie!! Hope his momma knows she is gonna have to keep the girls away in a few years!

At 9:05 AM, Blogger The Calico Cat said...

lovely pinwheel 9-patch!

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Wonderful photo of a very happy Cody! That one should be tacked above your sewing machine. It is always so fun to give a quilt to someone who will really, really LOVE it - looks like this quilt found a happy home.




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