Tuesday, July 18, 2006

yep, home stitching away

In between dashing out to take a few photos of earth mover machines in motion-working on the backyard project...I have finished machine stitching the binding and cleaning the stray threads that creep out as you stitch along...black being harder to spot doing that!
I am going to finish writing my label and start the hand work. I have a perfect front deck cushioned swing to sit on and the light is just right. Zoe, is back from a second visit to the vet this morning-the first was yesterday. She is not a happy camper and is refusing to pee. Sorry, but fellow pet owners can certainly understand...the vet says, nature will win out...just keep trying to encourage her by taking her out - which of course I have done a few times already. Nada.
So, though I am feeling much much better-certainly able to go into work..my dog is sick...and that is good enough for me to stay home all day for. I figure I am meant to work on this black binding during the nice daytime light. My boss has a dog and should be fine with this day off.
I am not posting a photo of the wonky village until the binding is done...at which time believe me, you won't miss seeing it. Tonya, you are getting credit on the label for inspiration...after all, you started it :-) many thanks again.
It's a nice day-not too hot and though noisy...it's enjoyable to be home for the day.
Finally made it around the stash ring and met the last of the newcomers to me...seems there is a problem in the code on a few of the blogs-it does not allow me to click through to the next blog. I am sure it's one of those minor glitches, another reason to use bloglines I am sure Linda would be quick to tell me *vbs* Guess it's time to stop tapping the keys and pick up the needle.


At 11:57 AM, Blogger quiltpixie said...

way to stick with it. Your villagers will be very satisfied with you as the developer...

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Laurie Ann said...

Sorry your puppers is under the weather. I sure hope she feels better (and pees) soon.


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