Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Tuesday, guild meeting day

Tonight is MPS guild night-we have a "quarterly winnings" block - I showed a few months ago the blue and white block for that, this time you can see the heart block chosen. I took my hand work to the office and worked on it during my lunch break. I whipped up this block and then did more hand work on the Winter wall hanging. I am close to finishing the more time consuming aspect and then it will be just regular quilting left and of course binding and labeling. If we are allowed to turn in more blocks next month-I will make more of these heart blocks-if not, well, one block is better than none. Last year the gal chose applique blocks and I didn't play at all-tells you what I think of that. This year I have really liked the blocks chosen so far, so it is fun to play along even if I wait until the last minute to work on them. I am popping around blogland and enjoying catching up with all sorts of folks-many it has been months since I last checked in. That is how it often is with friends and life. Amazing how much time can go by and we run into someone and it's just like seeing them yesterday. Alice is coming for an over night this weekend-that means making room in the fabric room for her travel crib...that means a few hours of shifting stuff around to create that space-our home is a great example of any open space attracting "something" being put there! My sweetie cooked dinner last night-nice break for me!
Now there are leftovers for yummy lunches which is good. I have a new soup recipe I am going to be making later in the week. It's from a book I bought that sounded promising, but, I never have really made anything from it. This recipe sounded good-so I am giving it a try. I do think this book is ready to be passed along, as are many of my cookbooks...I love reading them, however, if I do not use them during the year-then it's time for them to live some where else.
Buying books is a great weakness for both of us-similar to having a stash, to pull from and enjoy.
Ok, it's off to the gym as it was closed yesterday-and I think I have lingered long enough at the computer already this morning! Make it your best day!



At 12:02 AM, Blogger Clare said...

I've recently put a call out for red and white hearts for my Quilts 4 Leukaemia project. I'd be honoured if you would contribute. Email me for further details if you want to join in.


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