Monday, May 19, 2008

new photo at last

I know I need to change photo programs because making this set of photos accessible took over 30 minutes of trial and error using the program that came with my camera. I dumped everything on my card into what I thought was a new folder -turned out the program put it somewhere very strange. I promised a photo back in this post. It occurred to me that I could finally post it. This quilt is for a baby we are calling TheLittleGuy-as the parents are not telling the name until after he is born in about a month.
I failed to take my camera to Portland Quilt Market-thinking no photos would be allowed of the Hoffman Challenge and other displays-boy was I wrong. A friend is supposed to email me photos but in the meanwhile I remembered this photo needed posting.
It was a great event to work for and if you get a chance they seem to always need new worker bees at the various cities where they are put on. I did some serious shopping on Sample Spree night and will take photos soon of my loot. I am about halfway through doing the prep work for the class tomorrow from Judy Niemeyer on Indian Summer -look here if you want an idea of what I will be making. I still have about 20 strips to cut, more washing/ironing/cutting as well and make my templates. I really appreciate all the pre-work we are doing-I like to hit a class ready to put the pedal to the metal.
I also had 3 yards of garden compost delivered today-they ran late and I have only wheelbarrowed 10 loads of probably 30 total. Too hot out now for that work! I am going to walk Zoe around-she has been ill and not big on walking too far especially in the heat, poor boxer baby. She may have an ucler-and she is getting over a case of roundworm-yuck! You never know what your fur babies are going to do in the health department and she seems to run on the delicate digestion side of things. We have always kept her on a very strict diet-however, a chat with the vet and we have cut out all her small treats...boy is she depressed over that! She is also taking all sorts of medications and I am happy that is not part of my job. I don't mind walking and feeding, but, when it comes to all those other necessary parts like taking care of the toenails and giving of medications-that is my sweetie's job. Right now it is time to walk Zoe, despite the heat there is business to do.

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At 8:06 AM, Blogger Darcie said...

Looks like a great quilt for TheLittleGuy!

Oooh...can't wait to see what fabrics and progress you have after Judy's class. She's been to ND several times teaching...but I've never taken her classes. Such talent! Enjoy!


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