Monday, May 12, 2008

a new week

I had a lovely day yesterday- my son and granddaughter came over and while my son worked on my computer-I took Alice to the park. Once she was fed and down for her nap-we focused on tweaking and making sure everything was ok on this new computer. I am a check list type person when it comes to doing tasks that I do not do often or are new to me. It is how I learn best.
So, we had lots of time and I did my best to think of every little thing I could use help with. Here is something neither of us caught; we never heard any sound. We failed to even NOTICE we were NOT hearing anything. I think it is another hardware issue-the video card he added fixed the visual problem we were having and I think this falls into that same bucket. There is no blame being assigned here-I signed up to be a guinea pig for building a computer which he has not done in quite a while. It has been a great learning experience for both of us and I feel a bit annoyed that we both missed this obvious detail and at the same time, amused that we did. All the time in the world to work on this problem and we just missed something have to laugh.
I have taken some new photos-I still need to load them from the camera to this computer. After dinking around in control panel and trying various troubleshooting suggestions I was ready to take a break from being on the computer and just do something else.

Saturday I took a class in hand quilting from Suzanne Marshall, who doesn't use a hoop, which is the same style I enjoy. I spent a relaxing day learning her method and visiting with wonderful quilters. She brought her quilts and invited us to handle them and really look them over.
She is an amazing quilter and I would suggest if you ever get a chance-invite her to speak at your guild or take a class from her or go see her quilts on display. She has been a first place winner at Paducah and has a few quilts in their museum. So, every day I have homework of hand quilting for fifteen minutes. I put in my time last night. This is one homework assignment that I do not mind one bit doing! I have a nice size sample of four different templates I drew on the fabric to stitch on. I can now hold a size 10 quilting needle and I am trying to tolerate wearing a thimble (not doing so well on this).
I have a small pre-printed whole cloth quiltlet hiding out in my quilting stuff somewhere-this homework should be a great warm up to starting that project.

I will spend my fifteen minutes of computer homework tonight loading those photos :-)
Baby steps right now as I have extra work at the office to cope with!

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At 11:43 AM, Blogger Linda C said...

Lovely day it sounds like--some time with family and that adorable Alice. Too bad you missed the "obvious" but hopefully, things will be ironed out soon. Probably when you went to listen to the newly re-found I-tunes is when you discovered the problem?

We had Suzanne Marshall at our quilt guild several years before I moved--funny how every date in time is before or after the move, LOL. Pre-97 in otherwords. I still have a few of her note cards around here.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Paula, the quilter said...

I also like her technique of adding a bit of embroidery around the applique patches.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Pat in MI said...

Nice to have a computer guru willing to help out. For sound...maybe a return visit from Alice?!

Glad you are enjoying your hand quilting class. That's awesome :)

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Darling Millie said...

I know it sounds silly, but about the sound on your computer.. have you checked all the connections? I hate sound because it is so easy to mix up the connections on the back of the box.

Have your geek son tell you how to look in Device Manager to see if the computer even recognizes it has a sound card installed. It could be as simple as removing it (not physically) and restarting the computer to let it find it on its own.

Fixing this shouldn't be -hard- just pesky.

good luck!

At 7:27 PM, Blogger jacquie said...

Your class sounds wonderful. I would love to learn more about hand quilting.

At 2:09 PM, Blogger Sweet P said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

At 7:19 AM, Blogger Michele Bilyeu said...

We can all relate to your computer issues! And now having met you twice, been at your house, met your wonderful partner and the great's such fun to picture your sewing room, working in your yard..whatever! Now, I am thinking...ok, which chair/couch is she sitting in as she hand quilts. Not the one I sat in, I know, since Zoe 'cher'd' hers with me!


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