Thursday, July 03, 2008

almost quilting

Monday allergies hit me in a major way. All week I have been miserable and can't decide if it is really allergies or a bad head cold- whatever it is has zapped my energy and constant watering eyes makes using a rotary cutter very challenging. However, I kept on and was able to post my postage stamp squares swap today (going to Scotland). I ended up doing 25 sets using 50 different fabrics. I used from the scrap basket near the ironing board in the fabric room and when suitable fabric was exhausted from there, I raided the scraps on my sewing table. I was too lazy to actually get to my fabric shelves and pull from them. I have plenty of fun sewing I could be doing-but the library left a message that season two of Veronica Mars is in and we only have 2 discs left of season one to watch. What great timing! My sweetie is a total video/tv/movie buff - always watching something. I wander in and if it catches my interest, pretty soon I am sitting down and engrossed.
Coming home each night after struggling through the work day feeling terrible, it has been nice to lounge and watch this entertaining series. I will get some extra sleep tomorrow morning and plan on puttering in the garden and the same in the quilting space. I am anxious to get back to my letter K's and wrap up that top. I am quite looking forward to hand quilting it. I have been adding to my perle cotton collection- I found one ball of black size 8 perle in Georgia and bought it. I need to take Finn's advice on buying some clear pencil boxes for storing my growing collection of perle balls. I left work early today and stopped at the market for groceries -we shouldn't starve now. I really enjoy cooking when I am home all day and can approach it with more of a leisurely attitude. Sleeping, and a bit of this and that is pretty much the plan for the next three days-I am at the cranky stage of putting up with this head stuffiness/nose dripping, eyes watering business, I assure you. M's mission is to take good care of me and I am following orders-I am to drink a large glass of wine tonight...I think I can do that easily :-) Here's to feeling better and enjoying what the next three days bring.



At 9:02 PM, Blogger Darcie said...

I too am trying to figure out if I'm suffering allergies or a wicked summertime cold. Yuck. Think I'll take M's advice right along with you! ;-) Have you been downing your Oil of Oregano?

At 2:22 PM, Blogger jacquie said...

I can relate to having a hard time quilting with allergy eyes. Sore, watering, red...arrrg. Makes doing much a challenge. Hope you are feeling better soon!


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