Saturday, July 05, 2008

update on quilting

I am so much better today than yesterday. Yesterday, I managed to piece together the secret WFC (wacky fabs challenge) the FABS group challenge and sandwiched it too. Today I will quilt it up and be one step closer to having it ready to mail off. We are not allowed to share any photos until after the group reveal. Trust me when I tell you it turned out so great, my sweetie complained it was being sent away! I also pinned her quilt, which will go traveling with her to Utah in September. She chose the same butterfly flannel backing fabric as I used as the border and backing on my rail trip around the world, a year ago this month. At least the label says I finished the binding on July 7th 2007. I know I posted at least one photo of that quilt as it really tells you what fabrics I love best. So, yesterday was pretty productive in the quilty sense. Today I have machine stitched the miles of binding on the king size quilt- tonight I can sit and watch tv and do the hand part. It was not a problem replacing that quilt on the bed-plenty more to throw on as needed. I also want to put the K summer class project back up on the design wall and make serious progress on it. I figure I can quilt the small WFC and then do some piecing. I am so close to having the K piece ready for putting together into a top...I really want to see that happen today/tonight. Plus new photos of it would be nice here too. I am throwing salmon into the oven tonight for dinner-throw some veggies together and it's a done deal. By the way, I made chicken enchiladas last night thanks to LJ saying she was making them for supper-I had all the ingredients and they turned out great. Lots of those for leftovers too.

And, inspiration has struck for my booty swap-I now have a great great idea to play with. And, it will use the scraps on my sewing table too. I am beginning to think having a pile of bright scraps on the sewing table is a good thing!

Life is good!



At 4:49 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better today--sorry to run off on you this morning for that party prepping.

Hurray for getting those projects moved along. Maybe we won't have to wait till August after all to open our surprises?

Hey, great minds think alike on those chx enchiladas. At the last minute mine were almost quesadillas but we had not them not too long ago, LOL. I liked some of the other menu plans you had and tomorrow is grocery day--never know!


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