Tuesday, April 07, 2009

music-JJ Cale

From time to time I mention how great live music comes to Portland Oregon. Last night was no exception. JJ Cale rocked the house and we had a fabulous time. This link will take you to his newest release-which he played some tunes from-yes, we will be adding this to our music collection. He is 70 years-and his riffs are the best amongst all the top guitar players-an inspiration to Mark Knopler another top guitar player.

I have always lived with a guitar player as a partner. Lately the music has been happening in our living room and NOTHING brings a wider smile to my face than hearing that plunking and strumming live. Me? I sing off key-yes, really-and do not possess the ear to play any instrument, despite many attempts. I can't keep a beat either.
However, I am the best audience-and keep the music playing around myself the majority of the time. It is not the tv that I turn on-it's always the music knob I reach for.

There is not a quilt that has not had music as part of it's creation. Quilting? always better to the right beat of music. And, music always uplifts me-gets my foot tapping and my heart singing-puts a smile on the inside and the outside.

The sun came out over the weekend, and everyone was outside enjoying the light and the warmth. We did a bit of gardening even. I look forward to spending much more time outside as the weather permits. I came home last night and headed for the back patio and those lovely rays of sunshine. Sitting on the glider and soaking up the light was a happy ending to the day.

Chose to fill your day with joy-maybe put on some music and dance a bit, or just tap your toes.



At 2:44 PM, Blogger Clare said...

Mark Knopler - goodness that takes me back! Must find Brothers in Arms.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Linda C said...

Sounds you are enjoying that outdoor space which was the reason for having that work done a while back, right?

I have been doing books on tape while I work lately but often it is music. Other times, I just enjoy the quiet as I know it won't stay that way long once DJ turns on that set.

Package is here so hope we can do the reveal tonight!


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